• COMPASS Title Head 
    COMPASS: The University of Roehampton Compact Scheme

    COMPASS is an exclusive scheme for students attending Partner Schools. It accelerates students’ development of skills, knowledge and confidence in preparation for their successful transition to university.

    The benefits of taking part in COMPASS include:

    • support and advice on the process of applying to university from a dedicated member of staff
    • a range of sessions in support of students delivered in schools and colleges
    • three exclusive COMPASS events supporting the transition of students on to University
    • a 40 point reduction on the standard offer (subject to eligibility)
    • and, a package of post-enrolment support.

    Please use the tabs below to find the relevant information for you. Should you need to contact a member of the Compact Team please telephone 08392 3328 or email compact@roehampton.ac.uk.

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