• Erasmus Mundus (SIE) Accommodation in the UK

    Students' can choose either to live on campus or off campus during their four-month stay in the UK, studying at the University of Roehampton.

    On campus

    If students' choose to live on campus, they will be placed in accommodation at the University of Roehampton in Roehampton, London.

    At this stage we cannot detail which exact location on campus students' will be staying in but the accommodation fees will range between an estimated  £124.95 Sterling (155.173 EUR*) per week and you will also be required to pay a deposit of £250 Sterling (310.470 EUR*) on acceptance of the room. 

    *prices subject to change.

    These fees include:

    • water, electricity and heating
    • internet connection and usage
    • room furniture varies but all rooms include a single bed, mattress, wardrobe, desk, chair, shelving and sink
    • kitchen equipment includes cooker/stove, microwave, fridge, freezer, kettle, toaster and food storage space.

    The rates are low in comparison to local accommodation outside campus which students will have to take responsibility for finding themselves.

    This £250 deposit will be refunded in full at the end of the contract, providing there are no damages or charges incurred during your stay.


    Accommodation payment depends on whether students are receiving a category A or category B scholarship or are self funded.

    Category A Scholarship students:
    Students receiving a Category A Erasmus Mundus scholarship will have their accommodation fees paid by the Finance department at the University of Roehampton, out of their scholarship costs.  Students will receive the appropriate amount of scholarship minus these costs.  I.e. the amount of scholarship money received per month will be reduced accordingly.

    Category B Scholarships and self-funded students:
    Students receiving a Category B Erasmus Mundus scholarship or self-funded students will be required to apply online for accommodation.Once you have applied online you will then be sent an offer of a room, and will have seven days to accept and pay the deposit of £250 Sterling which will be deducted straight away on acceptance of the room. Online payment will be set up, and on your arrival the accommodation fees will be deducted. If you are unable to pay the fees straight away, a payment plan can be arranged with the accommodation finance department but you must contact them as soon as possible.


    The Roehampton campus is a safe place to live, but you should take all the usual precautions to safeguard your belongings and person. Make sure you lock your door when away from your room, do not leave personal possessions unsecured and remember to keep your room key unlabelled and in a safe place. Security staff are present on campus 24 hours a day and have a special emergency extension (3333) should you need to reach them urgently.

    Extra information

    All accommodation at the University of Roehampton is self catered and you have access to a shared kitchen. You will be taken to the nearest supermarket in the first few days of your arrival, to become familiar with where to purchase food supplies locally.

    You will also be provided with a kitchen equipment pack, which is yours to keep and take with you to Norway and the Czech Republic.

    Off campus

    Students choosing to live off campus will need to make their own arrangements by booking and paying for off-campus accommodation (private rentals). 

  • Erasmus Mundus (SIE) Accommodation in Czech Republic

    There are two types of accommodation available depending on the length of stay. Students will be reserved rooms in the Hotel Crystal, although those staying to do their dissertations will be reserved accommodation at the Jinonice Campus.  

    Short-term accommodation

    Hotel Crystal serves Charles University as an accommodation, conference, and teaching centre. It has been the venue of a number of international congresses, conferences, symposia and management courses.

    Accommodation in the hotel costs €TBC a night (breakfast and internet access included); students can share double room for €TBC a night. These prices are specially discounted for Erasmus Mundus students and are favourable compared to the prices of other decent accommodation in Prague. Students pay for the accommodation themselves. We will need to know about any changes in booking of the rooms beforehand to avoid charges by the hotel. If you would like to switch from single to double rooms, please contact the hotel.

    Hotel Crystal
    J. Martiho 2/407
    162 00 - Veleslavin
    Tel: (+420) 220 563 411
    Fax: (+420) 220 561 627
    Email: krystal@cdms-krystal.cz
    Website: http://www.cdms-krystal.cz/

    Long-term accommodation

    Accommodation on the Jinonice Campus of Charles University comprises good quality double rooms with internet access, TV, kitchen and bathroom. A room costs €TBC a month. It is also possible for two people to share a room for €TBC per person per month. These are special prices for Erasmus Mundus students only. The price for any other foreign visitors is double. This is the only campus in Prague for foreign visitors. The price of the accommodation is paid in cash monthly.

    Jinonice Campus
    U Kříže 8
    158 00 Praha 5
    Email: stanislava.vlckova@pedf.cuni.cz

  • Erasmus Mundus (SIE) Accommodation in Norway

    Guaranteed housing

    International students on exchange or full-degree programmes are guaranteed accommodation in one of the student villages, provided that they follow the instructions in their admission letters and go through with all necessary procedures by the specified deadline.

    Please note that some students may have to share a double room and that the housing guarantee does not extend to family members. All international students will receive guidelines on how to book student housing after admission, together with their Letter of Admission.

    Prices and standard

    Prices for a single, furnished room vary from approximately NOK 2200 to NOK 4200 a month. International students are generally offered accommodation in the lower price range, where they share bathrooms (2-5 students) and kitchens (4-6 students). However, they may apply for transfer at a later date if they should wish to change their accommodation within the same category.

    SiO also offers housing of higher standards, e.g. new and modern student houses in the higher price range where all tenants have their own bathroom and kitchen. Please note however that family apartments or flats for students who wish to bring along their spouse or family cannot be guaranteed by SiO or the International Education Office. Students who wish to bring along their spouse or family have to find an apartment on the open market. These days, rents start at approx NOK 8000 for a 2-room apartment in central Oslo.


    Most international students are given housing at Kringsjå studentby where there is excellent access to public transport and great opportunities for biking, swimming, skiing and hiking just minutes away.

    University of Oslo accommodation web link:


    Specific link for international students:


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