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  • Finance Department

    Please note there have recently been some issues with phishing emails, so it is possible that you are not receiving emails sent from the University to your hotmail, gmail or yahoo addresses. Please can you add us to your address book and to also check your spam mail to ensure that you are not missing important information sent by us.

    Tuition Fees
    • Undergraduate Fees for Home/EU Students 2014/15
    • Undergraduate Fees for International Students 2014/15
    • Postgraduate Fees for Home/EU Students 2014/15
    • Postgraduate Fees for International Students 2014/15
    • Research/Doctoral Fees for Home/EU Students 2014/15
    • Research/Doctoral Fees for International Students 2014/15
    • Postgraduate programmes - the fee band is be shown on the relevant programme page
    Online Store

    To book short courses, conferences and events, or to purchase University merchandise, go to our Online Store.

    University Student Finance Regulations and Procedures

    The University has a range of procedures and regulations covering student fees:

    For queries relating to student fees at the University, please contact the Finance Team on 020 8392 3123 or email:

    Finance Department Customer Service Charter

    It is important that our customers are happy with our service. We have a Customer Service Charter that details our customer service, aims and objectives.


    Procurement at Roehampton is largely devolved to procurement specialists and local buyers in colleges and departments but with central direction and control of procurement strategy, standards and best practice. Contact for further information.

    • Consistent and best practice procurement throughout the University.
    • Effective and efficient procurement systems.
    • Major/corporate procurements that provide best value for money and minimise risk.
    • Effective and suitably trained staff engaged in procurement activity.
    • An appropriate supply base and appropriate supplier relations that can support the University’s Strategic Plan.
    • Sustainable procurement and waste reduction.
    • Fair and open procurement policies which contribute to the University’s reputation in the wider community.
    • Strategic alliances and relationships within the HE and procurement communities.

    Opportunities for suppliers will be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union, where appropriate and/or on the University’s eTendering portal:

    See our Terms & Conditions for Orders for services.

    See our Terms & Conditions for orders for goods.

    For orders where universities purchasing consortium framework contracts are in place, each order will be in accordance with framework terms and conditions in addition to University terms and conditions. Framework terms and conditions will take precedence should there be any conflict with University terms and conditions. Please contact relevant consortium for their terms and conditions.

    Annual Reports and Financial Statements
    Accounts Receivable Team

    For queries regarding University income and invoicing:

    Income and invoicing, Tel: 020 8392 3123

    Email: (for general queries)

    Credit Control Student Enquiries, Tel: 020 8392 4894/3133


    Credit Control Commercial Enquiries, Tel : 020 8392 3155

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    Finance Department
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    Finance Department
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