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  • The latest from Roehampton staff, students and alumni in the news:

    Attenborough's Theory of the aquatic Ape

    Sir Richard Attenborough's contention that man evolved from an aquatic ape is dismissed by Dr Todd Rae.


    Lars Von Trier: A Problematic Sort Of Ladies' Man?

    Roehampton’s Caroline Bainbridge, The Cinema of Lars von Trier, says charges of misogyny routinely come up in interviews with the Danish film maker, in apiece that explores his volatile character.

    We need to be sharing stories

    University of Roehampton student of sociology Francis Augusto inspires at the charity London Youth’s launch of Hunch: ‘A vision for youth in post austerity Britain’. This was a vision of a Britain that invested in the capabilities and character of the next generation. The London Youth trustee, shared his journey, from Angola  to a challenging start of London streets. 

    My Christmas with Gaddafi's spokesman

    Professor of Journalism, Ros Coward, recalls her time with Moussa Ibrahim as one of her partner's most charming PhD students, before discovering he was the public face of Gaddafi's regime.

    Technology 'could help e-learners facing in-school cuts'Roehampton News Med

    Miles Berry, senior lecturer in ICT education has said that it is vital that online learning in education continues in order to provide an alternative platform for students who find traditional learning techniques a challenge.

    University students up 25% in 10 years

    Universities UK Report has published a new report on Patterns and Trends in UK Higher Education over the last decade. The report was produced by UUK’s Longer Term Strategy Committee which is chaired by the University of Roehampton’s Vice-Chancellor Paul O’Prey. In the report, Professor O’Prey said the higher education sector was one of the most important export earners for the UK economy.

    Should forced marriage be criminalised? The Guardian

    Roehampton’s Aisha Gill contributes to the media discussion following David Cameron’s announcement that he wants to see forced marriage be made a criminal offence in its own right.

    Childhood being eroded by modern life, experts warn

    A letter, signed by 228 people and circulated by Dr Richard House, senior lecturer at Roehampton University’s Research Centre for Therapeutic Education says children’s wellbeing and mental health is being undermined by the pressures of modern life. The issues was explored across all manner of media including the BBC, Sky news, and in many daily newspapers. The press campaign leads up to the release of Dr House’s book, Too Much, Too Soon.

    Confessions BBC Radio 3

    Dr Kathryn Tempest, Senior Lecturer, in Latin Literature and Roman History will be on BBC Radio 3 Monday (10th October) speaking in a 5-part series on Confessions throughout the ages.

    Blind autistic man stuns the music world BBC News

    In a world first, musical savant and honorary Roehampton graduate, Derek Paravicini premiered a new piano concerto written specially for him by composer Matthew King in London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall. This is the first time a piano concerto has been composed for someone with severe learning difficulties and autism.

    Med Enq Welcome

    How to face a fear and handle a phobia  Wired

    Professor of forensic and clinical psychology Robert Edelmann, contributes to an article that explores dealing with phobias.

    Welcome to Roehampton Facebook

    See the Fresher’s Fair and induction week on our Facebook pages.

    Roehampton Lecturer conducting research at Venice Film Festival

    Dr Pablo Romero-Fresco, Senior Lecturer in Audiovisual Translation at the Department of Media, Culture and Language, has participated in the last edition of the Venice Film Festival with the research project “Audiointroductions for Blind Users”. Here you can listen to an item about the project, the first of its kind, on the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘In Touch’.

    The Paralympic ShowSitting Volleyball

    A glimpse of the lead up to the Paralympics, including time with the GB sitting volleyball team, who are training here at Roehampton. Clip starts at 6.40.

    Early risers get ahead of the game   The Daily Telegraph

    A study by Drs Joerg Huber, Sue Reeves and Lewis Halsey has found that people who get up early in the morning are slimmer, happier and healthier than those who lie in, researchers have found. This study was also reported in papers including the Daily Mail, The Times of India, on the BBC and in the Australian press.

    What is writing good for?

    What is writing good for? The answer, or at least one of many, can be found on a University of Roehampton t-shirt available from today, following a competition inspired by a class discussion.

    Teachers 'falsifying pupils' marks' to inflate school results The Telegraph

    Teachers are routinely falsifying pupils’ marks amid pressure from senior managers to inflate schools’ results, according to research by Roehampton's Alice Bradbury. One of three studies referenced in the article, Dr Bradbury found evidence of reception year teachers adjusting the marks they give to five-year-olds, which are normally used as a baseline against which to compare pupils’ progress as they get older.

    Roehampton in the News

    Two-year-olds 'to be given compulsory education checks'

    Dr Richard House comments on a Government overhaul of pre-school education which proposes to give all parents a written summary of their children’s abilities in key areas between the age of two and three.

    Riots, reasons and reconciliation The Guardian

    Roehampton academics are among signatories who write in the wake of the London riots. Incudes a letter from Dr Aisha Gill who is among creators of the ‘Rotis not Riots’ feminist community set up to encourage community dialogue, particularly among women, to make sense of the violence and destruction we witnessed earlier in the month.

    Penguins don't freeze, but they do get very, very cold New Scientist

    Dr Lewis Halsey contributes to a piece on the ability of penguins to survive despite large drops in body temperature - known as heterothermy.

    Expert addresses Korea Disaster Relief Association conference

    Roehampton’s Darren O’Byrne has called for a more politicised understanding of disasters, as he addressed the 50th Anniversary Korea Disaster Relief Association conference. Also in the Korea Herald Sun.

    Riots and randomness: the search for an explanation The New Statesman

    Dr Sean Carey from CRONEM comments on the London riots and the fallout.

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