• Publications

    The Centre for Hearth Tax Research publishes and disseminates its work in a number of ways.

    The British Record Society Hearth Tax Series of hard-copy volumes

    Work on previously unpublished counties is published in hard-copy in collaboration with the British Record Society (BRS) and, wherever possible, the relevant County Record Society.


    London volume

    Davies, M., Ferguson, C., Harding, V., Parkinson, E., & Wareham, A., eds., (2014) London and Middlesex Hearth Tax, BRS Hearth Tax Series IX.

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    Ferguson, C., Thornton, C., & Wareham, A., eds., (2012) Essex Hearth Tax Return, Michaelmas 1670, BRS Hearth Tax Series VIII.

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    Arkell, T with Alcock, N., eds. (2010) Warwickshire Hearth Tax Returns; Michaelmas 1670, with Coventry Lady Day 1666, BRS Hearth Tax Series VII (Dugdale Society vol. 43).

    /uploadedImages/Pages_Assets/Images/Research_Centres/Centre_for_Hearth_Tax_Research/westmorland hearth tax.jpg

    Phillips, C., Ferguson, C. & Wareham, A., eds., (2008) Westmorland Hearth Tax, BRS Hearth Tax Series VI (Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society vol. 19).

    west riding crop

    Hey, D., Giles, C., Spufford, M. & Wareham, A., eds., (2007) Yorkshire West Riding Hearth Tax Assessment Lady Day 1672, BRS Hearth Tax Series V.

    /uploadedImages/Pages_Assets/Images/Research_Centres/Centre_for_Hearth_Tax_Research/durham hearth tax.jpg

    Green, A., Parkinson, E. & Spufford, M., eds., (2006), County Durham Hearth Tax Assessment Lady Day 1666, BRS Hearth Tax Series IV.

    /uploadedImages/Pages_Assets/Images/Research_Centres/Centre_for_Hearth_Tax_Research/norfolk hearth tax.jpg

    Seaman, P., Pound, J. & Smith, R., eds., (2001), Norfolk Hearth Tax Exemption Certificates 1670-1674: Norwich, Great Yarmouth, King's Lynn and Thetford, BRS Hearth Tax Series III (Norfolk Record Society vol. 65).


    Harrington, D., Pearson, S. & Rose, S., eds., (2000), Kent Hearth Tax Assessment Lady Day 1664, BRS Hearth Tax Series II (Kent Archaeological Society vol. 29).

    /uploadedImages/Pages_Assets/Images/Research_Centres/Centre_for_Hearth_Tax_Research/cambridgeshire hearth tax.jpg

    Evans, N., & Rose, S., eds., (2000), Cambridgeshire Hearth Tax Returns Michaelmas 1664, BRS Hearth Tax Series I (Cambridgeshire Record Society vol. 15).

    Online publication

    Data, analysis and maps of previously published counties, along with some material from BRS volumes and other hearth tax related resources, is published electronically via Hearth Tax Online.

    Occasional papers

    Occasionally the Centre publishes short studies on particular areas or regions, such as Dorian Gerhold's study of Putney and Roehampton in 1665.

    Other publications

    /uploadedImages/Pages_Assets/Images/Research_Centres/Centre_for_Hearth_Tax_Research/house and hearth tax.jpg

    Houses and the Hearth Tax: the later Stuart house and society. Edited by P S Barnwell and Malcolm Airs. CBA Research Report 150, 2006.

    /uploadedImages/Pages_Assets/Images/Research_Centres/Centre_for_Hearth_Tax_Research/putney and roehampton.jpg

    Putney and Roehampton in 1665 A street directory and guide by Dorian Gerhold. British Academy Hearth Tax Project, Roehampton University London, and Wandsworth HS, 2007.

    /uploadedImages/Pages_Assets/Images/Research_Centres/Centre_for_Hearth_Tax_Research/list and index society.jpg

    The Establishment of the Hearth Tax 1662-66 by Elizabeth Parkinson. List and Index Society, 2008.

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