• Research Centre Members


    Leigh Gibson

    Dr Leigh Gibson

    Research Interests:

    • Influences on appetite and food choice, and their interaction with stress, health, and cognitive and emotional well-being.
    • Understanding processes controlling people's habitual diet, attempts at dietary change, weight control and disordered eating.
    • Psychological and physiological mechanisms underlying dietary habit formation, especially the role of learning, 
    • but also including influences of nutrition and stress on brain/behaviour and cardiovascular adaptations protecting health.


    Dr Diane Bray

    Research Interests:

    • Risk-taking behaviour
    • Individual differences
    • Perception of crime, Mood and cognition
    • Teaching and learning strategies
    • Statistics anxiety.


    Professor Robert Edelmann

    Research Interests:

    • Chronic blushing/social embarrassment and social phobia
    • psychological aspects of infertility and the reproductive technologies
    • phobic anxiety and stress at work
    • assessment of chronic pain and post traumatic stress disorder
    • stress and covert policing and forensic analysts exposed to child abuse material in the context of their work.

    Dr Pamela Kenealy

    Research Interests:

    • Clinical Health Psychology and Neuropsychology
    • Autobiographical memory and depression in multiple sclerosis and ageing
    • Memory specificity and the generality effect in complex neurodisability and depression
    • Quality of life in multiple sclerosis, complex neurodisability and older adults
    • Disconnection Syndrome and perception of affect in multiple sclerosis
    • The effects of mood on memory
    • state-dependent retrieval
    • Evaluation of psychological and health gain from orthodontic treatment.


    Dr Karin S. Moser

    Research Interests:

    • Social and organisational psychology
    • Cooperative behaviour and decision-making at work, with respect to knowledge transfer and information-sharing
    • individual and group behaviour
    • perception and motivation and the wider organisational context of management and leadership.

    Dr Marcia Worrell

    Research Students

    Derval Ambrose

    Deniz Aslan

    David Bowles

    Clare Dolman

    Anke Franz

    Karen Slade

    Rebecca Street

    Tania Tacred

    Steffi Winter-Martin

    Honorary Research Fellows

    Professor J. Graham Beaumont

    Dr Urmi Biswas

    Professor David Crighton

    Professor Siegfried Gauggel

    Professor Silvia Schneider

    Professor Claus Vögele

    Honorary Professorial Fellow

    Professor J. Allan Hobson


    Paul Bretherton

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