Postgraduate courses
Postgraduate courses
  • Languages for All courses are open to students and staff of the University of Roehampton and members of the public. Courses run at Beginner (A1), Elementary (A2) or Lower Intermediate (B1) levels (where possible). They are practical, career-boosting, and above all, enjoyable. All courses are a total of 40 hours. Classes are taught once weekly for 2 hours. Students are expected to carry out additional self-study for 20 teaching weeks starting the first week in October and finishing at Easter.

    Classes will only run if the minimum class size is reached

    Please note this is a provisional timetable subject to change

    Latin and Ancient Greek is now taught only in the summer term as an intensive course.

    Department of Media, Culture and Language courses

    2015/16 modules

    You must attend one class per week (1 x 2 hours per week) * unless otherwise stated.

    Please follow the link to take the test to check your level if you're not a complete beginner.

    Arabic (take test)

    Arabic Beginner (A1) Thursdays Gr.1-16.00-18.00
    *NEW 2015/16* Arabic Elementary (A2) Thursdays Gr.2-18.00-20.00

    French (take test)

    French Beginner (A1)

    Grp 1. - Wednesdays 17.00-19.00
    Grp 2. - Mondays 17.00-19.00

    French Elementary (A2) Mondays 17.00-19.00
    French Lower Intermediate (B1) Wednesdays 17.00-19.00
    Business French for Beginners (A1) Mondays 14.00-16.00

    *Please note* Business French for Beginners (A1) is designed for complete beginners in French with an emphasis on business terminology.

    Please note Roehampton offer the DELF (All Levels) - the only official French language proficiency qualifications (sign up).
    View more information.

    German (take test)

    German Beginner (A1) Tuesday 18.00-20.00
    German Elementary (A2) (not available for 2015-2016)
    German Lower Intermediate (B1) (not available for 2015-2016)

    Italian (take test)

    Italian Beginner (A1) Tuesday 16.00-18.00
    Intensive Italian Beginner (A1) Summer term module 3 weeks, four days a week, four hours class + 1h self-study per day - contact
    Italian Elementary (A2) Tuesday 18.00-20.00

    Japanese (take test)

    Japanese Beginner (A1) Thursday 16.00-18.00
    Japanese Elementary (A2) Thursday 18.00-20.00

    Mandarin (take test)

    Mandarin Beginner (A1) Thursday 18.00-20.00
    Mandarin Elementary (A1) (not available for 2015-2016)


    Portuguese Beginner (A1) (not available for 2015-2016)


    Beginners Teeline used in Journalism Monday 17.00-19.00

    British Sign Language

    British Sign Language Beginner Wednesday 18.00-20.00

    Spanish (take test)

    Spanish Beginner (A1)

    Grp 1 - Wednesday 11.00-13.00
    Grp 2
    - Monday 17.00-19.00
    Grp 3 - Tuesday 17.00-19.00

    Spanish Elementary (A2) Wednesday 11.00-13.00
    Spanish Lower Intermediate (B1) Tuesday 17.00-19.00

    Please note Roehampton offer the DELE (levels A1 & A2 only)- the only official Spanish language proficiency qualifications (sign up).
    View more information.

    Classical languages

    Latin Beginner (summer term)
    Ancient Greek Beginner (summer term)
    Introduction to New Testament Greek (not available for 2015/16)
    Introduction to Biblical Hebrew (not available for 2015/16)

    See term dates.


    Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Students: Calculated as part of your regular tuition fees. Each course carries 20 credits toward your final degree and is a great way of broadening your studies, meeting students from other subject areas and improving your career prospects. Courses are challenging (requiring both attendance and commitment) but they are highly rewarding and are designed to maximise learning. Please check with your Programme Convener before registering to ensure that you can add to your credits then sign up along with other modules or email

    University of Roehampton Staff: £225

    Members of the public, Glion staff and students £450

    Roehampton Alumni : Up to 50% (subject to conditions)

    All payments need to be made via the EStore. Please ensure you take the 'test your language' test and fill out all necessary fields on the online form.


    You can check the timetable via Student MyZone or view it here (PDF).

    Registration and payment

    Register and Pay Online (follow link to our line store) EStore

    Languages Centre

    The LFA modules are run by the Languages Centre.

    The MCL department retains the right to ask students to leave who are not actively engaging in the course or are erratically attending. This course is a wonderful experience to enhance your studies and widen your abilities, as such we must put the majority of students needs first.

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