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    Welcome to Roehampton!


    "Chaplaincy makes such a huge difference to us students"

    Chaplaincy at Roehampton is a friendly and welcoming community
    which offers students and staff opportunities to:

    • Engage in worship, reflection and prayer
    • Explore faith
    • Develop a wider understanding of social issues
    • Develop as individuals and receive the support necessary for this
    • Receive and provide pastoral support as part of the University’s 
    • overall welfare provision
    The chaplaincy team includes representatives of the Jewish, Hindu
    and Muslim faiths, as well as Christian chaplains based in church
    foundation colleges: Digby Stuart, Southlands and Whitelands.


    We’re here for everyone; students and staff, those of all faiths and none.
    Regardless of college affiliation or faith perspective, we offer:

    Social Place

    Each Chaplaincy Centre has a cosy lounge area available to all members
    of the university, where you can relax away from work, stress, and meet
    up with friends. You can also enjoy chaplaincy hospitality with a mug of
    Fairtrade tea or coffee. We organise social events, Fairtrade Lunches,
    games, and film nights, plus lots more.

    Social Justice

    We encourage all members of the university to take an active role in our
    local and global community. We offer opportunities to get involved with
    Fairtrade, green initiatives and volunteering.

    Pastoral Care

    We’re here to offer support to everyone in the University, both staff and
    students, whether you’re “religious” or not. There might be a particular
    issue you want to talk about, or you might just feel in need of a general
    chat. We lend a confidential and listening ear and offer you time and
    space whenever you need it. Equally, if you are celebrating or just want
    to chat, the door is always open.

    Quiet Space

    On both campuses there are a number of places set aside for quiet
    reflection. Whether you want to sit quietly, read, pray or light a candle,
    these spaces are for the use of both students and staff.

    Space to Be

    Students and staff from all colleges are welcome to any of these spaces.
    There is a Chaplaincy lounge in Erasmus House in Digby Stuart. There
    are Christian chapels in Digby Stuart, Southlands and Whitelands. See
    below for details of Muslim prayer rooms.

    Special Events Coming Up

    French Celtic Retreat: 14-22 June. For more information contact Robert
    or Ginny.

    How to find us - Click for a campus map

    Southlands Chaplaincy Centre: (Methodist foundation)
    Lakeside LS005 & LS002 (next to Reef Café) (map ref no. 5)
    Whitelands Chaplaincy Centre: (Anglican foundation)
    Next to reception area (campus map reference no.36)
    Digby Stuart Chaplaincy Base: (Roman Catholic foundation)
    Erasmus House, Ground Floor and Chapels across from the
    Convent Parlour. (Map ref nos. 12 & 14)
    Hindu Chaplain: Please email the Hindu Chaplain,
    Shobha Sait.
    Muslim Chaplain: Please email the Muslim Chaplain,
    Asgar Rajput.

    Muslim Prayer Rooms:

    Southlands College, (brothers: QB 054, sisters: QB 055) 

    Froebel College (medical centre annex)

    Digby College, Howard 001 and 002 (Friday Prayers)

    Jewish Resource Centre: Library, 3rd Floor. (Campus map reference no. 9)

    Multi-faith Room: Whitelands College B044 (Campus map reference no. 29)

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  • Here is our weekly programme of term-time activities:

    Food and Socials
    Digby Stuart College –
    Sundays 7pm, Evening Social
    (Chaplaincy Base)
    Tuesdays 12.30-2pm, Fairtrade Lunch
    (Chaplaincy Base)
    Southlands College – Sundays 7.30pm, Evening Social
    (Southlands Chapel)
    Tuesdays 12.30-2pm, Fairtrade Lunch
    (Southlands Chapel)
    Whitelands College – Monday-Wednesday &
    Fridays 8.30am, Coffee Morning

    Sunday Worship
    Digby Stuart Chapel -
    6pm, Catholic Mass,
    open to everyone
    Southlands Chapel – 6pm, Student Church
    Whitelands College- 10am, Holy Trinity, Roehampton

    Midweek Services

    Digby Stuart College - Mondays and Wednesday's 1pm
    Catholic Mass (Sacred Heart Chapel)
    Southlands College - Wednesdays 1pm, Oasis – service
    with guest speaker
    Thursdays 8.15am, Communion
    (alternates Anglican/Methodist)
    Whitelands College - Fridays 8.30am,
    Anglican Communion
    Tuesday 4.30pm, Charismatic Worship and
    Holy Communion
    Ecumenical - Monthly Taizé services (details to follow)

    Southlands College –
    Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday and
    Friday 8.15am, Morning Prayer
    Whitelands College – Monday – Wednesday 8.30am,
    Morning Prayer

    Bible Study
    Southlands College –
    Thursdays 4.30pm
    Whitelands College – Mondays 5.30pm

    Music Groups
    Digby Stuart College –
    Sundays 5pm
    Southlands Chapel - Sundays 5pm 

    Digby Stuart College –
    Mondays 5.15pm, Catholic
    Certificate in Religious Studies (CCRS)
    Interfaith Women's group (details to follow)

    Meet the Chaplaincy Team:

    Chaplaincy Team 2013-14

    1. Shobha Sait, 020 8392 3006 (Hindu)  
    2. Rabbi Charley Baginsky, 020 8398 7400 (Jewish)  
    3. Asgar Halim Rajput, 020 8392 3702 (Muslim)  
    4. Rev. David Innes, 020 8392 3497 (Methodist )  
    5. Heather Floyd, 020 8392 3185 (Methodist)  
    6. Rev. Daniel Eshun, 020 8392 3516 (Anglican)  
    7. Rev. Robert Kaggwa, 020 8392 3003 (Roman Catholic)  
    8. Ginny Jordan-Arthur, 020 8392 3216 (Roman Catholic 
    and Chaplaincy Coordinator)

    Student Societies
    Islamic Society:
    Ahlulbayt Society:
    Christian Union:
    Student Alpha:
    Hindu Society:
    Krishna Consciousness:
    SVP Volunteering Group:
    If you are from a faith community that
    hasn’t got a student society and are
    interested in setting something up,
    please contact your faith chaplain. 


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