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University signs historic Southlands deal

Story Posted: 09 August 2010

Roehampton University has entered into a new relationship with Southlands College, signing a 125-year lease as well as a management agreement that took effect on 1 August 2010.

Under the new partnership the University takes responsibility for the running of the College, with a newly established Southlands Group acting as a liaison with the University. Under the agreement, the University will ensure that the Methodist traditions and the ethos of the College are maintained.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Paul O'Prey, said he was delighted by the opportunities the new arrangement would provide and that he was committed to making sure that the Colleges flourished: "The Colleges add richness to the University experience, and students in particular enjoy the sense of community that being part of a College provides. The Colleges are a key part of our distinctiveness and identity as a University.

"This new arrangement enables the University to invest in developing the Southlands College campus, and to plan the future of Southlands, Froebel and Digby Stuart campuses together, rather than as separate entities."

The agreement will enable the University to focus further its efforts in developing the student experience, through improved services as a collegiate university, while maintaining the name, ethos and traditions of Southlands College and its 138-year history.

Southlands was founded by the Methodist Church in 1872. In keeping with its Methodist ethos, the College seeks to provide an open, valuing, challenging and learning community for all its members. In addition to student residences, our modern campus, which was opened in 1997, provides teaching and conference facilities, catering and social areas and the College Chapel.