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Undergraduate courses

Course Type UCAS code
Accessibility and Filmmaking Postgraduate
Accounting and Finance Postgraduate
Applied Linguistics and TESOL Postgraduate
Art Psychotherapy Postgraduate
Attachment Studies Postgraduate
Audiovisual Translation Postgraduate
Ballet Studies Postgraduate
Biomechanics Postgraduate
Children's Literature Postgraduate
Children's Literature (Distance Learning) Postgraduate
Choreography Postgraduate
Choreography and Performance: Masters by Research Postgraduate
Choreomundus: International Master in Dance Knowledge, Practice and Heritage Postgraduate
Christian Ministry Postgraduate
Classical Research Postgraduate
Clinical Neuroscience Postgraduate
Clinical Nutrition Postgraduate
Community Dance Postgraduate
Counselling and Psychotherapy Postgraduate
Counselling Psychology (BPS accredited) Postgraduate
Creative Writing Postgraduate
Creative Writing (specialist pathway) Postgraduate
Dance Anthropology Postgraduate
Dance Movement Psychotherapy Postgraduate
Dance Studies Postgraduate
Dramatherapy Postgraduate
Early Childhood Studies Postgraduate
Education Postgraduate
Education Leadership and Management Postgraduate
English Education Postgraduate
Erasmus Mundus Human Rights Policy and Practice Postgraduate
Erasmus Mundus Special and Inclusive Education Postgraduate
Film and Screen Cultures Postgraduate
Global Dance: Politics, Identities and Institutions Postgraduate
Health Sciences Postgraduate
Historical Research Postgraduate
Human Rights Postgraduate
Human Rights and International Relations Postgraduate
Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy Postgraduate
International Management Postgraduate
International Management with Accounting Postgraduate
International Management with Finance Postgraduate
International Management with HRM Postgraduate
International Management with Marketing Postgraduate
Marketing Postgraduate
MBA Postgraduate
Media Communication and Culture Postgraduate
Music Therapy Postgraduate
Obesity: Risks and Prevention Postgraduate
Performance and Creative Research Postgraduate
PGCE Primary (full-time) Postgraduate
PGCE Primary (Mathematics Specialist) Postgraduate
PGCE Secondary Postgraduate
Play Therapy Postgraduate
Primate Biology, Behaviour and Conservation Postgraduate
Project Management Postgraduate
Psychology for Education Professionals Postgraduate
Psychology of Sport and Exercise (BPS Accredited) Postgraduate
Religion and Gender Postgraduate
Social Research Methods Postgraduate
Sounds of Intent Postgraduate
South Asian Dance Studies Postgraduate
Special and Inclusive Education Postgraduate
Specialised Translation Postgraduate
Sport and Exercise Physiology Postgraduate
Sport and Exercise Psychology Postgraduate
Sport and Exercise Science Postgraduate
Sport and Exercise Science (MRes) Postgraduate
Stress and Health Postgraduate
Studies in Contemporary Catholicism Postgraduate
Teaching Dance: Science and Art Postgraduate
Theology and Religious Studies Postgraduate
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