Psychological Therapies

Meaning-Oriented Grief Therapy

This experiential introduction to meaning-oriented grief therapy will provide participants with foundational knowledge and practical skills in this constructivist and existential approach to grief therapy, originally developed by Prof Robert Neimeyer in the USA. 

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Pluralistic Therapy

This workshop will introduce, and look at the practical implications of, a pluralistic approach to counselling, psychotherapy and psychological practice. This framework was developed by John McLeod and Mick Cooper in the 2000s, and has since been adopted by a number of practitioners and training institutes across the UK and internationally.

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Gender here, gender there, gender everywhere

Trans-emotional counselling and psychotherapy represents a form of therapy still at the early stages of development.

However, this series of linked CPD courses are designed to provide both an informed knowledge base and confidence in respect to effective interventions for those working with trans and non-binary people.

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Train in Existential-Analytic Psychotherapy & Counselling

Providing a pathway (mainly Thursday evenings) to registration with UPCA and UKCP as an existential-analytic psychotherapist or CPD for psychological therapists and those in the helping professions

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