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The Centre for Research in Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour specialises in studies of freshwater ecology, terrestrial ecology, and whole-animal behavioural-physiology, utilising both vertebrate and invertebrate models and systems.

Specific research interests range from biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (B-EF) in aquatic environments, through investigating how animal adaptations enhance energetic efficiency and the evolution of physiological performance, to the biodiversity and assemblage composition of invertebrates in forests and the ecology of UK collembola.

Doctoral Research

The department has a strong research environment and its high calibre research staff are well qualified to mentor students to a successful PhD. They have a wide range of expertise and are engaged in collaborative work with researchers, both within the University and at other institutions and organisations, in the UK and abroad. Excellent research facilities, with well-equipped specialist labs and diverse fieldwork opportunities, make this a stimulating environment to work and study in.


There are a broad range of PhD opportunities available in each of the research centres, with a number of internally and externally funded PhD studentships. Please see here for available PhD projects. PhD students are an integral part of the department - attending regular research seminars and research centre meetings, engaging in teaching activities and giving conference presentations in both the UK and abroad.


Our research and postgraduate training programmes are always developing, and we welcome enquiries from potential PhD students. For more information on PhD opportunities in Life Sciences at the 'Top New University in London', please contact Dr Emma Skipper (attaching your CV) and see our graduate school page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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