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Dr Annabelle Mooney


Department of Media, Culture and Language



A.Mus.A, BA (Hons), MA, PhD, LLB, FHEA

Research interests

My current project, on human rights, the body and language, is in its final stages. This work provides an answer to the quest for a universal foundation for human rights. Recently, I have conducted some research on spoken signs and past work includes research in the fields of HIV/AIDS and quality of life, globalisation and marginal religious movements. I am currently in the process of formulating my next project, which will be in the field of financial literacy.

I welcome research proposals on any of the above. I'd be particularly interested in the analysis of the representation of law or research relating to the anlaysis of legal language.

Membership of professional bodies

International Association for the Semiotics of Law

Teaching interests


Language and Gender
Sexist Language
Storytelling in Everyday Conversation
Forensic Linguistics





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