Dr Carrie Hamilton

Dr Carrie Hamilton


Department of Humanities



Ph.D., Spanish History; Royal Holloway, University of London
M.A., History; Concordia University (Montreal, Québec, Canada)
B.A., History, Women's Studies and French; University of Toronto

Research interests

Research projects undertaken

Teaching interests



(2015) Emociones y animales en el archivo de la Historia Oral, Ayer, 98/2015 (2), 101-127.

(2011) Public Women and Public History: Revolution, Prostitution and Testimony in Cuba, Rethinking HIstory, 15, 2, 175-88.

(2010) Moving Feelings: Nationalism, Feminism and the Emotions of Politics, Oral History , 38, 2, 85-94.

(2010) Narrating AIDS in Cuba, Global South, 6, 3, 64-74.

(2010) Towards a Historiography of Gender and 'Terrorism', zeitgeschichte, 37, 95-110.

(2009) Feminist Testimony in the Internet Age: Sex Work, Blogging and the Politics of Witnessing, Journal of Romance Studies , 9, 3 , 86-101.

(2009) Sexual Politics and Socialist Housing: Building Homes in Revolutionary Cuba, Gender & History, 21, 3, 608-27.

(2008) Happy Memories, New Formations, 63, 65-81.

(2008) On Being a 'Good' Interviewer: Ethics, Empathy and the Politics of Oral History, Oral History, 36/2, 35-43.

(2007) Political Violence and Body Language in Life Stories of Women ETA Activists, Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society , 32, 4 (Summer), 911-32.

(2007) The Gender Politics of Political Violence: Women Armed Activists in ETA, Feminist Review , 86 (Summer), 132-48.

(2002) Melancholy Men and Mythic Women: Jon Juaristi's 'El bucle melancólico: historias de nacionalistas vascos', Hispanic Research Journal , 3, 1, 43-59.

(2001) Activism and representations of motherhood in the autobiography of Dolores Ibarruri, Pasionaria, Journal of Romance Studies , 1, 1 , 17-25.

(2001) 'La mujer' y 'el género': reflexiones sobre la convergencia de dos categorías de análisis feminista, Inguruak, 29, 199-204.

(2000) Re-membering the Basque Nationalist Family: Daughters, Fathers and the Reproduction of the Radical Nationalist Community, Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies , 1, 2 (Autumn), 153-171.

(1998) Género y nacionalismo: una nueva área de estudio, Inguruak, 22 (diciembre), 163-174.


(2012) Sexual Revolutions in Cuba: Passion, Politics, and Memory, University of North Carolina Press.

(2012) Sex, 'Silence', and Audiotape: Listening for Female Same-Sex Desire in Cuba, Nana Alamilla-Boyd and Horacio N. Roque Ramirez, eds., Bodies of Evidence: The Practice of Queer Oral History, 23-40.

(2010) 'Activist Memories, Trauma and the Pleasures of Politics', Richard Crownshaw, Jane Kilby and Antony Rowland, eds., The Future of Memory, Oxford: Bergahn Books , 265-78.

(2009) Sexuality and Revolution, Immanuel Ness, ed., Encyclopedia of Revolution and Conflict: 1500-Present, Indianapolis, IN: Wiley-Blackwell, 3015-18.

(2007) Women and ETA: The Gender Politics of Radical Basque Nationalism, Manchester: Manchester University Press.

(2003) Memories of Violence in Interviews with Basque Nationalist Women , Katharine Hodgkin and Susannah Radstone, eds., Contested Pasts, London: Routledge, 120-135.

(2000) Changing Subjects: Gender and National Identities in the Basque Country, Barry Jordan and Rikki Morgan, eds., Contemporary Spanish Cultural Studies, 223-231.

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