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Gill Crozier is Professor of Education in the Department of Education, Roehampton University. She took up her post in December 2008 as Assistant Dean Research, having come from the University of Sunderland where she was also Professor of Education and Head of Research, in the School of Education and Lifelong Learning.

Gill Crozier is a Sociologist of Education and her work has focused on ‘race’ and its intersection with social class and gender. She has researched extensively issues relating to parents and schools, and young people, and is also concerned with education policy, and the socio-cultural influences upon identity formation and learner experiences. She is an active member of the international organisations the European Network About Parents and Education and USA John Hopkins University based School, Family and Community Partnerships: International Network of Scholars.

Gill has been invited to speak internationally including Islamabad, Pakistan, New Orleans, USA, Malmo, Sweden and Belfast, N.Ireland, Cyprus, Antwerp. She has also been invited to give keynote lectures to a range of national audiences covering key areas of her research.

Gill Crozier is an experienced teacher both in school and Higher Education. She began her career as a secondary school English teacher, teacher of English as an Additional Language and advisory teacher on multicultural education. She worked in schools for twelve years prior to taking up her first academic post in Higher Education at Bristol Polytechnic (now the University of the West of England).

In Higher Education she has taught in the fields of Education Studies, Sociology of Education and Research Methodology. Over the years she has been engaged in course development, course leadership at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as  leading  research  in the School of Education at Roehampton.

As a teacher in schools and then as an academic through her research, she has been active in social justice and equalities issues. She has developed a critique of discriminatory structures and organisation in the education system and discriminatory practices at classroom as well as policy level. She is committed to opening up access to Higher Education and other educational opportunities and supporting students to access opportunities within the organisation, as well as to the organisation.

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