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Undergraduate courses

Professor Isabel Santaolalla

Professor Isabel Santaolalla

Professor; Director of the Hispanic Research Centre (Spanish and Film Studies)

Department of Media, Culture and Language


Isabel's teaching focuses on Hispanic cultures and societies, with special emphasis on contemporary Spanish cinema and media. She coordinates the final-year Spanish Research Project, and also Service Learning in Spanish, another final-year module in which students obtain credits through six-month work placements in voluntary organisations or educational institutions connected with the Hispanic world. Click here for a video of this module.

Research interests

Isabel's research falls within the field of cultural studies. She is interested in gender and ethnicity, migrations and diasporas, transnationalism, postcolonial theory and criticism, particularly as applied to the cinema. Her most recent publications focus mainly on contemporary Spanish cinema.

She belongs to a number of international research networks, such as the 'European Cinema Research Forum', the AHRC-funded Migrant and Diasporic Cinema in Contemporary Europe and the Centre for Research into Iberian Stage and Screen. She is part of the organising committee of the annual London Spanish Film Festival and the '6th European Psychoanalytical Film Festival' (BAFTA, London, Nov 2011). She also collaborates with the annual 'Sahara International Film Festival'.

Her current research focuses on the cinema and the Saharawi people. As part of this project, in May 2009 she coordinated a team to carry out an audiovisual workshop in Dakhla, one of the Saharawi refugee camps in South Western Algeria. The results may be seen on the project's website: You can see a mini-documentary on the project prepared by the members of the team here: For a brief TV feature on the workshop broadcast on French AFP TV click here:

Isabel is a member of the editorial board of Studies in European Cinema (Intellect), International Journal of Iberian Studies (Intellect) and Journal of English Studies.

As Director of the Hispanic Research Centre, she manages its annual series of seminars and other activities. She welcomes requests for interdisciplinary and international research collaborations from scholars worldwide, and is keen to consider applications from young graduates to spend a period of six months, assisting in the management of the Centre's activities as externally-funded interns. You can find video summaries of these activities on the Centre's website.





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Research Database on 'Cinema and the Saharawi People', available on the Hispanic Research Centre's site: WSAV database .

Full-length film audio-commentary. On Luis Buñuel's The Young One for Lionsgate USA DVD release (with Peter W. Evans, 2007)

Luis Buñuel's Tristana - sleeve notes for the BFI DVD release, 2005.

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