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Dr John Dwyer

Dr John Dwyer

Senior Lecturer

Roehampton University Business School

  • Queen's Building 218


John Dwyer is an experienced educator who has worked in universities both in the United States and in the United Kingdom. He is currently a visiting professor in the UK and an experienced postgraduate (PhD, MSc) and undergraduate (BSc, BEng, MEng) examiner. (Permission is given by the author to use this photo in the public domain for any purpose)

University work experience (in alphabetical order):
City College of New York, USA ;
City University, London, UK;
Iona College, New Rochelle, USA;
Kingston University, London, UK;
London South Bank University, UK;
Richmond, The American International University in London, UK;
Roehampton University, London, UK;
Sheffield Hallam University, UK;
St. John Fisher College, New York State, USA;
University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK;
University of Essex, Colchester, UK;
University of Westminster, London, UK.


Fellow of the Institution of Engineering Technology (IET);
Chartered Engineer (CEng);
PhD in Fluid Dynamics (University of Essex);
Qualified secondary school teacher (Essex Education Authority);
Successful PhD examiner, Computer Engineering (University of Portsmouth)

Research interests

Algorithm analysis; Cryptography; Digital Environment; Discrete Mathematics in Business; Games design; History of computing; Mathematical functions; Puzzles; Supporting Chelsea F.C.

Research projects undertaken

Research Grant, Intelligent Design of Electronic Systems, 1990 (Sheffield);
Research Grant, Computer Engineering Project (1986) (CCNY);
SERC IT research grant (PhD supervisor)(1982-1985) (London South Bank).

Membership of professional bodies

Fellow of the Institution of Engineering Technology (from 2009);
Chartered Engineer (CEng from 1985);
Fellow of the IEE (from 1997);
Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics & its Applications (from 1992);
Governor (elected), The Vineyard School, Richmond-upon-Thames (2003-2006).

Consultancy experience

Centre for Organizational Research, Roehampton University (from 2010);
Leeds Metropolitan University (2009), External Validation of Leeds degrees at Newcastle College;
University of Plymouth (2008): External Adviser Validation of UOP degrees at North Devon College;
University of Portsmouth (2007): External Examiner, PhD student (Computer Engineering);
OUVS observer, Richmond Business & Economics Degree Validations (2001);
City University (1987): Supervisor, PhD student (Digital Speech Processing);
London South Bank University (1985): Supervisor, PhD student (Computer Networks);
London South Bank University (1984): Supervisor, PhD student (Signal Processing);
CNAA panel member, South Bank BEng accreditation team (1984).

Teaching interests

Encouraging business students to enjoy mathematics;
Teaching the analysis of algorithms using puzzles and brainteasers.






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Dwyer, J., “Fuzzy Sets and Their Applications to Speech Recognition”, Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics, vol. 6, pp. 431-437, 1984.


Arbib, J. & Dwyer, J. (2011) Discrete Mathematics for Cryptography, Algana Publishing, 1st Edition.

Dwyer, J. & Jagger, S. (2010) Discrete Mathematics for Business & Computing, Algana Publishing, 1st Edition.

Dwyer, J., “Speech Processing: An Interdisciplinary Approach”, Third Edition, Algana Associates, 2007.

Dwyer, J., “Algorithms: An Approach Using Puzzles & Brainteasers”, Algana Associates, 3rd Edition 2005.


Adda, M., Dwyer, J. & Bouridane A., “The Architecture of a RISC Multithread Processor”, Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences November 6-9, 1996.


Dwyer, J., "Counting the Number of Euler Circuits in Complete Graphs", Research papers in Algorithm Analysis, Algana Associates, 2008.

Dwyer, J., "Circuits in Complete Graphs and Their Relations to Rapidly-increasing Special Functions", Research papers in Algorithm Analysis, Algana Associates, 2008.

Dwyer, J. & Reggani, Z., “Applications of Bayesian Nets to the Software Requirements of IEC1508, Functional Safety: Safety-Related Systems”, Technical Report (supported by the Centre for Software Reliability), 1996.

Dwyer, J. "Viscous Internal Waves", University of Essex Library, PhD Thesis, 1981.

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