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Miles Berry

Principal Lecturer, Subject Leader - Computing Education

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I'm a principal lecturer and the subject leader for Computing Education at the University of Roehampton. I teach initial teacher education courses as part of the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, as well as tutoring masters students. I run a combined blogging / e-portfolio platform for ITE students as well as acting as technical lead for the Creative Connections EU Comenius project. My principal research focus is the role of online communities in the professional formation and development of teachers. Other professional interests include knowledge management in education, use of open source software and principles in schools, provision for the gifted and talented and independent learning. I have a number of consultancy projects, particularly in the field of curriculum development, both in the UK and internationally. I was part of the drafting groups for computing in the 2014 national curriculum.

I'm a chartered fellow of the Brtish Computer Society, am a member of its digital literacy panel and e-learning specialist group and serve of the management board and primary task force of Computing at School. I'm also a fellow of the RSA, HEA, Mirandanet and Naace, serving on the latter's board of management.  I also serve on the Self Review Framework steering group, the Teaching Schools New Technology Advisory Board, Computer Science and ICT expert groups for the NCTL and OCR's IT and Computing consultative forum. I am an Apple Distinguished Educator.

Until 2009, I was head of Alton Convent Prep. In my former post as deputy head of St Ives School, Haslemere, I pioneered the use of Moodle and Elgg in primary education. My work on implementing Moodle was documented as the dissertation for Leicester University's MBA in Educational Management, and won the 2006 Becta ICT in Practice Award for primary teaching. Other interests include classical music, creative cookery and photography. My wife, Clare, is a primary school teacher and we have one daughter, born December 2010.

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Oct 2012 Apps for secondary education, magazine article, Teach Secondary.
Sept 2012 Social networking in schools, magazine article, Teach Secondary.
Sept 2012 Online communities for CPD, magazine article, Teach Primary.
Sept 2012 The relationship between coding and computer science, newsletter article, Switched On (Computing at School)
Jun 2012 Gamification, magazine article, Ictopus.
May 2012 Creating a new ICT Curriculum, magazine article, Teach Primary.
May 2012 The Case for Agile Pedagogy, commissioned blog post, Guardian.
Jan 2012 Computer Science: A curriculum for schools (as part of Computing at School Working Group)
July 2011 Programming and pedagogy: learning about learning. Switched On: Computing at School newsletter. Commissioned magazine article.
June 2011 Redesigning the ICT Curriculum. Teach Primary. Commissioned article.
April 2011 Response to the National Curriculum Review. Naace. Report.
February 2011 How open source allows schools to do more with less. Commissioned article for web.
November 2010 Response to the Royal Society’s Call for Evidence on Computing in Schools. Naace. Report.
July 2010 An “open source manifesto” to counter the ICT cuts. Merlin John Online. Commissioned article for web.
July 2010 Control Technology in the Foundation Stage. Switched On: Computing at School Newsletter. Commissioned magazine article.
July 2010 Technology and the rights of the child. Naace Newsletter, 2nd July 2010. Commissioned magazine article.


Sept 2012 Getting Started with Programming. London: Rising Stars. With Terry Freedman
Sept 2012 Looking after the World. London: Rising Stars. With Terry Freedman
Sept 2012 Making a Difference. London: Rising Stars. With Terry Freedman
Sept 2012 We’re in Business. London: Rising Stars. With Terry Freedman
Jun 2012 Switched on ICT Control Units, London: Rising Stars.
May 2011 Switched on ICT Year 5, London: Rising Stars.
May 2011 Switched on ICT Year 6, London: Rising Stars.
April 2011 Switched on ICT Year 3, London: Rising Stars.
April 2011 Switched on ICT Year 4, London: Rising Stars.



December 2012 Agile Pedagogy, Teaching Agency
December 2012 Assessment and CPD workshops, The future of computing in schools conference, Osiris
November 2012The KS1 and 2 draft programme of study. BCS / RAEng
November 2012 Keynote, Independent Schools Council IT Strategy Group conference
November 2012Where next for the primary curriculum. Google / Teach First
October 2012 Panel discussion: Reflections on EIU report. Economist Intelligence Unit / Huawei
July 2012 Leading ICT to outstanding. Osiris.
July 2012 Connectivist professional development. ICT Mark Champions Launch Event.
July 2012 Blogging and e-portfolios for student teachers. M25 Learning Technologists Group.
June 2012 The open source approach. Rethinking ICT Conference.
June 2012 Innovative ICT. Ed Exec Live.
June 2012 Agile pedagogy. Teaching computer science in schools seminar. The Guardian.
June 2012 Pedagogies of computing. Computing at School teachers conference
June 2012 The open source approach. Westminster Education Forum
May 2012Academic Twits: using Twitter in learning, teaching and research. University of Roehampton Learning and Teaching Conference. With Andy Hoang and Ed Rudge.
April 2012 The future of ICT education. Inside Education.
April 2012 Rethinking the ICT Curriculum. Plymouth enhanced learning conference.
April 2012 Blogging and e-portfolios for student teachers. Plymouth enhanced learning conference.
March 2012 Technology transforming tomorrow. Panel discussion, Language World.
March 2012 Open sourcing education. Open Rights Group Conference
March 2012 Rethinking ICT. Surrey secondary ICT coordinators conference
March 2012 Rethinking ICT. Staffordshire ICT Conference
March 2012 Rethinking ICT pedagogy for the 3rd millennium. Naace Strategic Conference
January 2012 Embedding ICT across the primary curriculum. Seminar with Dave Smith, BETT.
January 2012 Rethinking ICT Pedagogy. Seminar, BETT.
November 2011 Digital pedagogies for a digital age. Keynote presentation, Wandsworth curriculum conference.
November 2011 ICT and Creativity. Workshop, Wandsworth curriculum conference.
November 2011 Switched on ICT curriculum planning workshop. Alton Convent School
September 2011 Initial teacher education and technology in action. Presentation at Policy Exchange.
July 2011 Blogs, portfolios and student teachers: blended learning and ICT education. International Council on Education for Teaching. Poster presentation with John Lodge.
June 2011 Open source software for education and training. BCS Open Source Specialist Group. Seminar presentation.
June 2011 Teachers' professional formation and the role of online communities. CEREPP Research Students Conference. Seminar presentation.
May 2011 Open Source: software and beyond. Open for Education, JISC RSC N&E Scotland. Keynote presentation.
May 2011 Blended learning and ICT education. In Roehampton University 8th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference. Conference paper with John Lodge.
April 2011 The moral case for open source. Open Source Schools leadership conference. Opening keynote.
April 2011 Open Education. iMoot 11. Online presentation.
March 2011 Getting ICT Right Across the Primary Curriculum. Naace Annual Conference. Conference paper with Dave Smith.
March 2011 Ask the Expert residency on ‘Doing more with less’. National College. Online discussion.
Feb 2011 Teaching IT in Primary Schools. Skills for the UK Digital Economy - delivering the IT professionals of the future. Westminster eForum.
January 2011 ICT and Learning for Less. UK Education Leaders at BETT. Conference panel with Chris Gerry, Mike Herrity and Anne White.
January 2011 Creative Problem Solving Projects At Key Stage 3. BETT. Panel presentation with Thomas Ng, John Stout, Roger Davies Peter Marshman and Peter Dickman.
January 2011 Saving Money with Open Source. BETT. Panel presentation with David Willmot, Alan Bell and Paul Haigh.
November 2010 Migrating to Blended Learning. A small scale research study of an ICT course for Trainee Teachers. SERA. Conference paper with John Lodge.
October 2010 Open Source: Beyond the Software. FOTE 10. Conference paper.
September 2010 Open Source Deployment - lessons from schools. Westminster eForum. Conference paper.
July 2010 Becoming an ICT Teacher... think computing! Computing at School Teacher Conference. Panel presentation with David Longman, John Woollard and Tim Tarrant.
July 2010 Programming for primary teachers. Computing at School Teacher Conference. Seminar.
July 2010 Reflection and Identity, ITE Students ICT Blogs. ITTE Annual Conference. Conference paper with John Lodge
June 2010 Technological innovation in schools - cross sector transfer. In Transfer Summit UK. Conference paper.
June 2010 The Direction of Travel. West Berkshire ICT Coordinators Conference. Keynote presentation.
June 2010 Blended learning for trainee teachers: new opportunities, new challenges. Conference paper with John Lodge, ROERCE 2010 )
April 2010 Teaching teachers about e-learning with Moodle, conference paper, UK MoodleMoot
March 2010 The Open Source Debate, facilitation, EMBC Regional Conference
March 2010 Programming in primary education, breakout session, Naace Strategic Conference
February 2010 Teaching teachers to Moodle, Leeds Moodle Conference.
February 2010 Open Source Education, virtual presentation, e-learning materials and discussion, iMoot.
January 2010 Finding Nemo from Scratch, presentation, TeachMeet BETT 2010
January 2010 Open Source and Creative Computing, presentation with Ian Utting at BETT 2010 for AlphaPlus Consultancy
November 2009 Evening workshop on Scratch for computing teachers in Kent schools.
October 2009 Keynote presentation on Learning: jouneys, environments and networks to Council of British Independent Schools, Madrid; workshop on Moodle.
October 2009 Keynote presentation on Open Source and Slow Food for Open Source Schools Local Authority Seminar

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