Professor Rebecca Boden

Professor Rebecca Boden

Professor/Business School Executive (Research)

Roehampton University Business School


Rebecca Boden is Professor of Critical Management in the Business School. Working within the critical tradition, she has wide interests but her current research focuses primarily on three areas:

First, she addresses the effects of regimes of accounting and management on sites of knowledge creation – especially higher education and scientific research organisations. Here, she is presently working with two anthropologists – Susan Wright (Aarhus) and Davydd Greenwood (Cornell) on the development of new ownership and organisational forms for universities, and has a funded research project with Susan Wright, conducting and ethnography of accounting regimes in Danish universities. Rebecca is also working with Debbie Epstein (Cardiff) on the credentialisation of heterodox knowledges, and with Maria Nedeva (Manchester) on science policy and its impact on knowledge creation.

A second focus is on accounting, individuals and the state. This work looks at tax, welfare benefits and the imbrication of accounting in matters of political economy. Rebecca is a founder member of the Tax Research Network and is organising the network’s annual conference at Roehampton in September 2012.

The third focus of Rebecca’s work is on trade credit. She has just completed a qualitative study of trade credit exchanges for ACCA with Salima Paul (UWE) and has a further programme of ongoing work.

Widely published, Rebecca also devotes significant energy to the development of early career researchers and is a very experienced supervisor of doctoral students.



PhD students

Rebecca’s current PhD students are:

  • Gabriela Thompson, RUSIRoehampton student working on programme management and defence
  • Maria Ash: The implementation of the general equality duty in universities.
  • Claire Evans: Accounting as a gendered profession
  • Malcolm James: Tax policy and power
  • Dale Horniachek: Accounting for Ontario universities
  • Barry Pemberton: Governance in the UK civil nuclear power industry.



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2005The Academics' Support Kit (ASK), a boxed set of six books by Rebecca Boden, Debbie Epstein and Jane Kenway, Sage: London.  808 pages.

The Kit comprises the following titles:
  • Getting Started on Research
  • Writing for Publication
  • Teaching and Supervision
  • Winning and Managing Research Funds
  • Building Networks
  • Building an Academic Career
2004Scrutinising Science, Rebecca Boden, Deborah Cox, Maria Nedeva and Kate Barker, London: Palgrave. 209 pages. ISBN 0-333-74969-3
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Book chapters
ForthcomingLabor-controlled organisations, in Coghlan D and Brydon-Miller M (eds.), Sage Encyclopedia of Action Research, London: Sage Publishers.
ForthcomingWhy universities count, with Kelly R, in  Gornall L and Daunten L (eds) Working Lives, London: Continuum.
In pressTea Parties, Tax and Power, Rebecca Boden in Lynne Oats (ed), Taxation: A Fieldwork Handbook, London: Routledge
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Edited books and journal special issues
2010Critical Perspectives on Accounting, special issue on critical taxation, guest editors: Rebecca Boden, Sheila Killian, Emer Mulligan and. Lynne Oats, 21,7.
2007World Yearbook of Education 2008: Geographies of Knowledge, Geometries of Power – Framing the future of Higher Education. Debbie Epstein, Rebecca Boden, Rosemary Deem, Fazal Rizvi and Susan Wright (eds), London: Routledge.

Published research reports
2012Problem Paying? SMEs and their larger customers. With Salima Paul. London: ACCA.
2010Follow the Money: An interim report on Danish University funding, Dansk Magisterforening: Copenhagen. Available online.
2005The UK Social Security System for Self-Employed People, Rebecca Boden, Berlin: Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung, ISSN 1011-9523
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1999Measuring Self-Employed Income for the Purposes of Legal Aid, Rebecca Boden and Anne Corden SPRU Report to the Legal Aid Board, May 1999, LAB 1630 4.99 RB/AC,
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1985Public Purchasing and Technical Change, Rebecca Smellie and Roger Williams. The Technical Change Centre, 65 pages, January 1985.

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