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Dr Shaalan Farouk

Dr Shaalan Farouk

Principal Lecturer, Programme Convener - BA/BSc Education

School of Education


I am a Principal Lecturer on the BA/BSc Programme in Education. I previously worked as a senior educational psychologist and was an associate tutor and lecturer at the Institute of Education, University of London. I taught on the doctorate training programme for educational psychologists. I completed my PhD in Organisational Psychology at Birkbeck College, University of London in 2008.


MSc Educational Psychology,  

PhD Organisational Psychology

Research interests

My  research interests include:

  • Group Consultation with Teachers: A psychodynamic and process consultation approach (Farouk , 2004).  This approach has been widely adopted by educational psychologists in England.
  • Teachers and Teaching:  In particular teaching as work and the relationship between emotions and cognition in teaching.
  • Psychological Narrative Research: The personal narrative and identities of adolescents who have been excluded from school and attend a Pupil Referral Unit. I am currently engaged in a research project, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, which examines the relationship between troubled and excluded adolescents' personal narratives and their ability to engage with education.  For further details please visit Personal Narratives and Student Achievement on the Nuffield Foundation website.

I specialise in phenomenological and narrative psychological research.  In my work I have applied Thematic Analysis, Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, and most recently narrative psychological research methods.

Research projects undertaken

Personal Narratives of students who have been excludede from school.

Membership of professional bodies



Teaching interests

Counselling in Schools, Teachers and Teaching, Child Development

Taught courses




Erasmus Mundus MA Special and Inclusive Education





Farouk, S. (1999). Consulting with teachers: An exploratory study in Educational Psychology practice. Educational Psychology in Practice, 14(4), 253-293.

Farouk, S. (2004). Group work in schools: A process consultation approach. Educational Psychology in Practice, 20(3), 207-220.

Farouk, S. (2010). Primary school teachers' restricted and elaborated anger. Cambridge Journal of Education, 40(4), 353-368.

Farouk, S. (2012). What can the self-conscious emotion of guilt tell us about primary school teachers' moral purpose and the relationships they have with their pupils? Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, 18(4), 491-407.


Farouk, S. (2013, in press)). Change in the self-understanding of teachers who make the transition from mainstream education to teaching in a Pupil Referral Unit. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice.


Farouk, S. (2013, in press)). The self-conscious emotions of guilt, shame and pride in education. In C. Mohiyeddini (Ed.), Psychology of Emotion. New York: Nova Publishers.

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