Professor Stuart Semple

Professor Stuart Semple

Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology

Department of Life Sciences

Research interests

Teaching interests



Maijer A and Semple S (in press) Investigating potential effects of the contraceptive Implanon on the behaviour of free-ranging adult female Barbary macaques. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science.

Mohiyeddini C, Bauer S and Semple S (2015) Neuroticism and stress: the role of displacement behaviour. Anxiety, Stress and Coping DOI:10.1080/10615806.2014.1000878

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Roehampton Zoologists are playing a key role in a project to reintroduce the endangered Lesser Antillean Iguana to an island in the Caribbean – and they will monitor the animals’ future progress using miniature radio transmitters.

Social networks are a matter of life and death…if you are a monkey!

For teenagers, the number of Facebook friends is a sign of popularity, but the number of relationships in a macaque monkey’s social network can literally be a matter of life or death, according to university researchers.

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