Prof Ted Vallance

Prof Ted Vallance

Professor of early modern British political culture

Department of Humanities


I studied history at Balliol College, Oxford where I completed a doctorate on oaths of allegiance in seventeenth-century England. In 2000 I was appointed De Velling Willis Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield. Since then I have taught at the Universities of Manchester and Liverpool. In September 2009 joined Roehampton as Reader in Early Modern History.


MA D.Phil (Oxon)

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Edward Vallance, (2016), 'Women, Politics and the 1723 Oaths of Allegiance to George I', The Historical Journal, forthcoming. The accepted manuscript version of this article can be read here.

 Ted Vallance, (2015) 'Daniel Defoe, public opinion and the Anglo-Scottish Union', The Historian, 124, pp 18-24

 Edward Vallance, (2013), 'Polychronicon: The unrevolutionary revolution? Interpreting the revolution of 1688', Teaching History, 151, pp. 18-19.

Edward Vallance, (2012) 'Re-born John: The Eighteenth-Century Afterlife of John Lilburne', History Workshop Journal, 74, pp. 1-26.

Ted Vallance with Peter Mandler and Sean Lang (2011), 'Debate: Narrative in School History', Teaching History, 145, pp. 22-30

Ted Vallance (2011), 'Thomas Paine and Monarchical Republicanism', Journal of Radical History of the Thomas Paine Society, 10, 4 (2011), pp. 1-12

Ted Vallance (2009), 'The Captivity of James II: Gestures of Loyalty and Disloyalty in Seventeenth-Century England', Journal of British Studies, vol. 48, issue 4, pp. 848-58

Edward Vallance (2009) 'The Dangers of Prudence: salus populi, suprema lex, Robert Sanderson and the "Case of the Liturgy"'. Renaissance Studies, vol 23 issue 4 pp 534-551

Edward Vallance (2009) 'Rebels, Radicals and 'Lukewarm' Republicans in Early Modern England'. English Historical Review vol CXXIV issue 509 pp 895-908 (Review article)

Edward Vallance (2003) 'The Kingdom's Case: The Use of Casuistry as a Political Language: 1640-1692'. Albion vol 34 issue 4 pp 557-83

Edward Vallance (2002) 'Preaching to the Converted: Religious Justifications for the English Civil War'. Huntington Library Quarterly vol 65 pp 395-419

Edward Vallance (2002) 'Protestation, Vow, Covenant and Engagement: Swearing Allegiance in the English Civil War'. Historical Research vol 75 issue 190 pp 408-24

Edward Vallance (2002) 'Loyal or Rebellious? Protestant Associations in England, 1584-1696 '. The Seventeenth Century vol 17 issue 1 pp 1-24

Edward Vallance (2001) 'Oaths, Casuistry and Equivocation: Anglican Responses to the Engagement Controversy'. Historical Journal vol 44 issue 1 pp 59-77

Edward Vallance (2001) ' "An Holy and Sacramental Paction": Federal Theology and the Solemn League and Covenant in England.' English Historical Review vol 116 pp 50-75



Edward Vallance (2009) A Radical History of Britain: Visionaries, Rebels and Revolutionaries, the Men and Women Who Fought for Our Freedoms. Little, Brown and Co, London

Edward Vallance (2006) The Glorious Revolution: 1688 and Britain's Fight for Liberty. Little, Brown and Co, London

Edward Vallance (2005) Revolutionary England and the National Covenant: State Oaths Protestantism and the Political Nation. Boydell and Brewer, Woodbridge

Book Contributions

Edward Vallance (2016/7), ' "The Insane Enthusiasm of the Time": Remembering the Regicides in Eighteenth - and Nineteenth-Century Britain and North America', in L. Currelly and N. Smith eds., Radical Voices, Radical Ways: Articulating and Disseminating Radical Ideas in Seventeenth - and Eighteenth-Century Britain, Manchester University Press, forthcoming.

Edward Vallance (2015), 'Political Thought: Liberty in the English Revolution', in The Oxford Handbook of the English Revolution, ed. M. Braddick,Oxford University Press, ch.25.

Edward Vallance (2014) 'Harrington, Petitioning and the Construction of Public Opinion' in G. Mahlberg and D. Wiemann eds., Perspectives on English Revolutionary Republicanism, Ashgate, chapter 7.

Edward Vallance, (2013) 'Invasion and Threat' in Q. Colville ed., Navy, Nation and Nelson, 1688-1815, Conway, chapter 1

Edward Vallance, (2012) 'Oaths, Covenants, Associations and the Agreements of the People: The Road to and from Putney', in P. Baker and E. Vernon eds., The Agreements of the People: The Levellers, the Army and the Constitutional Crisis of the English Revolution, Palgrave, ch. 1.

Ted Vallance, 'Royalist Absolutism in the 1650s: The Case of Robert Sheringham' (November 2011), C. Cuttica and G. Burgess eds., Monarchism and Absolutism in Early Modern Europe, Pickering and Chatto, pp. 33-47

Edward Vallance, (2011) '"From the Hearts of the People": Loyalty, Addresses and the Public Sphere in the Exclusion Crisis', in T. Claydon and T. Corns eds., Religion, Culture and the National Community in the 1670s, University of Wales Press, ch. 6.

Edward Vallance. (2004) co-authored introduction and ch. 6 'The Decline of Conscience as a Political Guide: William Higden's View of the English Constitution (1709)'. In: H. Braun and E. Vallance ed(s). Contexts of Conscience in Early Modern Europe. Basingstoke, Palgrave.

Edward Vallance. (2004) 20 articles including Henry Maurice, Benjamin Woodroffe, and William Lancaster. In: Brian Harrison ed(s). Oxford Dictionary of National biography. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

Books (Edited)

H. E. Braun and E. Vallance. ed(s) (2011) The Renaissance Conscience. Wiley-Blackwell/Renaissance Studies, London

H. E. Braun and Edward Vallance, ed(s) (2004) Contexts of Conscience in Early Modern Europe. Palgrave, Basingstoke


I have reviewed books for the following scholarly journals: Journal of Ecclesiastical History: Journal of Interdisciplinary History; Journal for Maritime Research; Journal of Modern History; Journal of British Studies; English Historical Review; History of Political Thought; Canadian Journal of History; American Historical Review; Eighteenth-Century Studies; H-Ideas; H-Albion, War in History. I have also contributed reviews to BBC History Magazine, History Today, Literary Review and New Statesman


Magazine Articles

Ted Vallance, (2015), 'Make Catholics Pay: The Georgian War on Catholics', BBC History Magazine, September, 9

Ted Vallance, (2015), 'The Rebirth of the Levellers', The Guardian, 20 August 2015

Ted Vallance, (2015), 'Jeremy Clarkson, A Seventeenth Century Protest', History Today, 24 March

 Ted Vallance (2014), 'Lessons from history: Beware the politics of commemoration', BBC History Magazine, March

Ted Vallance (2013), 'Lessons from history: Can MPs be trusted to think for themselves?', BBC History Magazine, August

Edward Vallance (2012), 'What would Britain look like if Cromwell had caught Charles II?', The Guardian, 9 March 2012

Ted Vallance (2011), 'In the Name of the People', BBC History Magazine, 12, p. 35

Ted Vallance (2011), 'PJ Harvey has brilliantly evoked a nation built on bloodshed', The Guardian, 9 September.

Ted Vallance (2011), 'Londoners: Rioting Through the Ages', Al-Jazeera English, published August 9.

Edward Vallance (2010) 'Digging for Britain' BBC History Magazine, June 

Edward Vallance (2009) 'Thomas Paine: Made in England'. BBC History Magazine, June, pp 41-45

Ted Vallance (2009) 'Off with their heads.' New Statesman, 9 July, pp 18-20

Ted Vallance (2009) 'Burning Down the House'. New Statesman, 8 June, pp 22-26

Edward Vallance (2008) 'The Glorious Revolution: Essential Reading List.' BBC History Magazine, November, pp 92

Ted Vallance (2008) 'Sworn to the Queen.' New, 14 March , pp n/a

Ted Vallance (2008) 'A bodice-tightening yarn'. New, 21 November, pp N/A

Edward Vallance (2008) 'The rights of man'. BBC History Magazine, October, pp 86

Ted Vallance (2008) 'Tracing Ancestors Using Oaths of Allegiance.' BBC Who Do You Think Are? Magazine, February, pp 26-27

Ted Vallance (2008) 'Finding Georgian Ancestors'. BBC Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine, February, pp 21-5

Ted Vallance (2008) 'A bill of rights for Britain?' New, 24 September, pp n/a

Ted Vallance (2007) 'Magna Carta for Sale'. New, 14th December, pp n/a

Edward Vallance (2007) 'The Glorious Revolution'. BBC, December, pp 1-6

Ted Vallance (2007) 'Celebrating England's radical history.' New, 23 May, pp. n/a

Ted Vallance (2007) 'The Levellers' Legacy'. BBC History Magazine, October, pp 37-39

E. Vallance (2006) 'A not so bloodless revolution'. BBC History Magazine, March, pp 12-17

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