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Course Type UCAS code Entry tariff
Accounting Undergraduate 9A33 320 points
Anthropology Undergraduate L600 ABB
Biological Sciences Undergraduate C120 280 points
Biomedical Sciences Undergraduate B940 300 points
Business Management Undergraduate N190 240 points
Business Management and Accounting Undergraduate NN24 320 points
Business Management and Digital Media Undergraduate NP23 280 points
Business Management and Economics Undergraduate L100 320 points
Business Management and Entrepreneurship Undergraduate N191 280 points
Business Management and Retail Marketing Undergraduate NN25 320 points
Business Management IFC Undergraduate NQC3 240 points
Classical Civilisation Undergraduate V901 300 points
Creative Writing Undergraduate W801 280 points
Criminology Undergraduate M900 280 points
Dance Studies Undergraduate W500 340 points
Drama Studies Undergraduate W400 240 points
Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies Undergraduate W440 280 points
Early Childhood Studies Undergraduate X310 280 points
Education Undergraduate X300 280 points
English Language and Linguistics Undergraduate Q340 280 points
English Literature Undergraduate Q300 320 points
Film Undergraduate W600 280 points
French and Spanish* subject to approval Undergraduate
History Undergraduate V100 320 points
Human Resource Management Undergraduate N600 280 points
Human Resource Management IFC Undergraduate NQ63 280 points
International Business Undergraduate N120 280 points
International Business IFC Undergraduate NQD3 280 points
Journalism Undergraduate P500 280 points
LLB Honours Law* subject to approval Undergraduate
Marketing Undergraduate N500 280 points
Marketing and Multimedia Undergraduate NG54 240 points
Mass Communications Undergraduate I120 240 points
Media, Culture and Identity Undergraduate PL33 240 points
Ministerial Theology (FdA/BTh) Undergraduate V610 Interview
Modern Languages Undergraduate R800 300 points
Modern Languages - Translation Undergraduate Q910 300 points
Nutrition and Health Undergraduate B400 240 points
Philosophy Undergraduate V500 300 points
Photography Undergraduate W640 280 points
Primary Education Undergraduate 320 points
Psychology Undergraduate C800 300 points
Psychology and Counselling Undergraduate C845 300 points
Social Anthropology Undergraduate 340 points
Sociology Undergraduate L300 240 points
Sport and Exercise Sciences Undergraduate C602 280 points
Sport Coaching Undergraduate C610 240
Sport Psychology Undergraduate C813 280 points
Sports Coaching Practice Undergraduate XC16
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Undergraduate Q330 280 points
Theology and Religious Studies Undergraduate V600 320 points
Therapeutic Psychology* subject to approval Undergraduate 3G90 300 points
Translation* subject to approval Undergraduate
Zoology Undergraduate C300 320 points
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