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Welcome to the Finance Department's web page. Here you will find useful information including tuition fee costs and how to make payment, links to our Online Store and Student Fee Regulations.

Student fees are defined as any charges for tuition, accommodation, the use of special equipment, consumables/materials and facilities, library fines, charges for the non-return of equipment, field trips, travel costs, attendance at performances, printing and unpaid hardship loans. The fees rise each year to allow for a combination of factors, including inflation. However, the percentage rise is not necessarily the same as the rate of inflation in any one year, because inflation is just one factor of many which are considered when setting the University's fees. UK undergraduate fees are regulated by the Government. 

The tuition fees contribute to providing the resources, staff contact and the support students need as well as an attractive learning environment. Any changes for the following academic year will ordinarily be confirmed by 1 January. Students should budget for a likely increase of between 3 and 5% for each further year of study.

The University will review the fees liability of students whose registered status changes during the academic session, for example in the case of a student who moves from full-time to part-time study. In such cases, the fee liability will generally be determined by the date on which the change of status is effected.

Tuition Fees

Message to EU and international students

  • Undergraduate Fees for Home/EU Students 2016/17
  • Undergraduate Fees for International Students 2016/17
  • Research/Doctoral Fees for Home/EU Students 2016/17
  • Research/Doctoral Fees for International Students 2016/17
  • Postgraduate programmes - the fee band is be shown on the relevant programme page

Part Time Module Charges

To calculate the tuition fee cost based on the number of credits contained in a module: for example BUS020X622 - look at the number showing in the middle of the module BUS020X622. This denotes that this module has a value of 20 credits. The cost for 10 credits in this example is £750, so the cost for this module will be £1,500 (2 x £750)

Our payment options can be found here

Other Charges and Fees: Students undertaking certain programmes and courses may be required to pay an additional fee to cover part or all the cost of special equipment, consumables or facilities over and above the tuition fee. Where applicable these mandatory course costs include field trips, travel costs and attendance at performances. We encourage you to check with the relevant academic school or department when you choose your modules so that you are aware of any extra costs you will incur.

Scholarships, Bursaries and Discounts: All scholarships offered by the University are awarded based on completion of the year of study for which they are granted. Students withdrawing or interrupting their studies during the course of the academic year will have any scholarships awarded withdrawn and will become liable for any tuition fee shortfall as a result. Students who withdraw or interrupt their studies will only be entitled to the proportion of scholarship or bursary that relates to their period of study. For more information please visit our Scholarship page

A 2% discount will be given to all students who make full payment of their tuition fees online by the published date of enrolment.

A 20% tuition fee discount on campus-based courses will be given for all UK, EU and international alumni holding a full undergraduate degree or postgraduate qualification and those who studied here on an exchange/study abroad programme, for any higher programme of study. This reduction will be applied to the tuition fee prior to payment.

Penalties for late or Non-Payment of Tuition Fees for Self-Funding Students: Failure to pay fees within 30 days of the due date will result in the immediate termination of registration and, in the case of international students, reporting to UKBA in accordance with the University's Tier 4 Sponsorship Licence. The University reserves the right to withhold the award of a degree, diploma or certificate to a student who has not paid their tuition fees in full. Students who are registered on a programme of study and have overdue tuition fees, and have not contacted the Finance Department to discuss an alternative payment plan, will have their access to University facilities suspended. This includes computer access, University network access and access to any areas requiring a Student ID card. Students may also have their registration at the University suspended.

Withdrawals and Interruptions of Study: The student's date of withdrawal or interruption of studies is the date which the student enters on the official Withdrawal (SR8) or Interruption of Studies (SR5) form as the last date of attendance. This must be confirmed by the signature of the appropriate Programme Convener.

For programmes of study commencing in September 2016, should a student chose to withdraw from their programme or interrupt their studies, the student fee liability will be adjusted as stated below.

Undergraduate Students and PGCE:
Before Friday 7th October 2016: No Fee Charged
After Friday 7th October 2016 and before Friday 20th January 2017: 25% of annual tuition fee payable
After Friday 20th January 2017 and before Friday 28th April 2017: 50% of annual tuition fee payable
After Friday 28th April 2017: 100% of annual tuition fee payable

Postgraduate Students (excluding PGCE):
Before Friday 7th October 2016: No Fee Charged
After Friday 7th October 2016 and before Friday 20th January 2017: 50% of annual tuition fee payable
After Friday 20th January 2017: 100% of annual tuition fee payable.

For programmes of study commencing in January 2017, should a student chose to withdraw from their programme or interrupt their studies, the student fee liability will be adjusted as stated below.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students:
Before Friday 6th February 2017 (4 weeks from start of term): No fee Charged
After Friday 6th February 2017: 50% of annual tuition fee payable

All refunds will be less any registration fees, compulsory field trip fees, credit charges or deposits.

Online Store

To book short courses, conferences and events, or to purchase University merchandise, go to our Online Store.

University Student Finance Regulations and Procedures

The University has a range of procedures and regulations covering student fees:

For queries relating to student fees at the University, please contact the Finance Team on 020 8392 3123 or email: finance@roehampton.ac.uk

Finance Department Customer Service Charter

It is important that our customers are happy with our service. We have a Customer Service Charter that details our customer service, aims and objectives.

If things go wrong: If the Student wishes to make a complaint about the University, they should use the Student Complaints Procedure: This procedure has been devised to help to resolve any complaints by the Student as promptly, fairly and amicably as possible.

Data Protection: The University processes information about its staff, students and other individuals for a variety of purposes. When processing information, the University is committed to protecting the rights and privacy of students, staff and others in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and related legislation. The Data Protection Policy sets out the principles that apply in meeting this commitment.


Procurement at Roehampton is largely devolved to procurement specialists and local buyers in colleges and departments but with central direction and control of procurement strategy, standards and best practice. Contact Procurement@roehampton.ac.uk for further information.

  • Consistent and best practice procurement throughout the University.
  • Effective and efficient procurement systems.
  • Major/corporate procurements that provide best value for money and minimise risk.
  • Effective and suitably trained staff engaged in procurement activity.
  • An appropriate supply base and appropriate supplier relations that can support the University's Strategic Plan.
  • Sustainable procurement and waste reduction.
  • Fair and open procurement policies which contribute to the University's reputation in the wider community.
  • Strategic alliances and relationships within the HE and procurement communities.

Opportunities for suppliers will be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union, where appropriate and/or on the University's eTendering portal: https://in-tendhost.co.uk/universityofroehampton/asp/home.asp

See our Terms & Conditions for Orders for services.

See our Terms & Conditions for orders for goods.

For orders where universities purchasing consortium framework contracts are in place, each order will be in accordance with framework terms and conditions in addition to University terms and conditions. Framework terms and conditions will take precedence should there be any conflict with University terms and conditions. Please contact relevant consortium for their terms and conditions.

Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Accounts Receivable Team

For queries regarding University income and invoicing:

Income and invoicing,

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Email: finance@roehampton.ac.uk (for general queries)

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