Research centre staff

Co-Director: Dr Deborah Jermyn

Women, feminism and popular culture, aeging femininities, Hollywood cinema and genres (particularly romantic comedy), celebrity studies, contemporary television drama, representations of crime on film and TV.

Co-Director: Professor Michael Witt

French cinema, cinema history, avant-garde and experimental film, film theory and philosophy, found footage filmmaking, audiovisual history and criticism, documentary, the relationship between cinema and television, and the work of Jean-Luc Godard.

Dr Stacey Abbott

The horror genre, the vampire in film and television, Cult and American Quality Television, genre theory, silent cinema, romantic comedy, science fiction, special effects, and Canadian cinema.

Paul Antick

Photography, film, documentary fiction, ethnography, performance, dark tourism.

Professor Caroline Bainbridge

Emotions in culture, therapy culture, identity politics and culture, psychoanalysis, feminisms, film theory, trauma and visual culture, Luce Irigary, images of gender, Lars Von Trier, the pleasures of consumption and new media technologies, research student supervision.

Dr Athanasia Batziou

Professor Anita Biressi

Documentary and popular factual programming, popular journalism, media spectacle and class difference in contemporary British culture.

Dr William Brown

Film theory, digital cinema, cognitive film theory, film and philosophy, transnational cinema, 3D cinema, cinema and politics.

Jeremy Bubb

Directing, drama for the screen, directing documentary screenwriting, drama for new media.

Professor Michael Chanan

Latin American cinema, documentary theory and practice, film music and the soundtrack, social history of music, early cinema, film and politics, 'third cinema', an eclectic range of individual directors such as Buñuel, Huston, Kiarostami, Loach, Renoir.

Dr Karine Chevalier

French cinema, Francophone, postcolonial studies, anthropology and visual studies, filmmaking applied to language acquisition. Blog for L’express (in French):

Dr Enrica Colusso

Documentary filmmaking, representing reality through the camera, visual anthropology, ethno-psychiatry, north/south dynamics, participatory development, women's issues, urban anthropology, interactive storytelling.

Dr Karen Cross

Cultural theory, cultural studies, photographic theory and practice, amateur photography, photography and participatory cultures.

Dr Chris Darke

The essay film, the relationship between word and image in film, film festivals, French cinema, film in the context of contemporary art, concepts of ‘space’ and ‘utopia’ in cinema, and the work of Chris Marker.

Dr John Doyle

Multimedia journalism, documentary film and visual research methodologies, the production and circulation of mediatized utopias.

Professor Andrea Esser

Sociology of the European visual market, production, distribution, consumption, commercialisation, fragmentation, convergence, digitalisation, transnationalisation of the media, media management.

Dr Federica Frabetti

Cultural study of technology, digital media and software studies, cultural theory, and gender and queer theory. 

Elan Gamaker

Genre Studies, Visual Cultures, Cinema of Urbanity, Ethnography, British Cinema/Social Realism.

Dr Susanne Greenhalgh

Reception studies, the relationship between theatre and screen media (especially in relation to Shakespeare), the representation of terror and terrorism, the cultural performance of death and mourning, and the staging of childhood in the theatre and in society.

Dr Bruno Levasseur

Postcolonial theory, postcolonial France, French national identity, representations of the suburbs in French popular culture. See too the online archive (in French) created by Levasseur devoted to the Cité des Quatre-Mille housing estate in La Courneuve:

Gary Merrill

Michael O'Brien

Notions of place, memory and identity through two distinct approaches: memory work and the family album & contemporary urban street photography. See:

Dr Anthony Paraskeva

Wyndham Lewis, James Joyce, Beckett and cinema, Modernism, theatre and cinema’.

Dr Juan Pérez-González

Cuban and Latin American media, culture and politics; investigative journalism; literary journalism; 1960s American New Journalism; media history; blogging; political communication.

Andy Porter

Photographic practice. See:

Dr Cécile Renaud

French cinema, Frenchness and national stereotypes, foreign-language cinema in Britain, film marketing exhibition and distribution, film festivals, video and DVDs, subtitling and dubbing, French animation.

Dr Mark Riley

Continental Philosophy (particularly Heidegger, Derrida and Deleuze), photography, contemporary art (particularly installation and time-based work), film (particularly Andrei Tarkovsky and Sergei Paradjanov).

Dr Paul Rixon

European media, American television, British broadcasting, new media technologies, radio and television criticism.

Chris Roberts

Broadcast news media and journalism, current affairs broadcasting, journalism and "the Public Sphere", representations of class identity, reality television, critical discourse analysis.

Alexandra Sage

Documentary film production, contemporary documentary theory, sound design.

Dr Sean Tunney

Web and citizen journalism, financial reporting, newspaper policy, political communications, modern British Labour Party history, social democracy and economic globalisation.

Dr Graham White

Writing practices on stage and radio drama, drama and cultural history (particularly around the 60s/70s counter-culture), performance in the law, especially of public reconciliation.

Irene Wise

Representations of war, conflict and the Holocaust in art, photography, film and literature; material culture of museums and galleries; visual culture; art, design and illustration; medieval illuminated manuscripts.