Postgraduate and Students returning to study after a break

There are a limited number of 51 week contract rooms available for postgraduate students. Preference is given to first-year postgraduate students.
Postgraduate halls are also offered to undergraduate students who have returned to study after a break.

One semester students

Halls of accommodation can be offered to students studying at the University of Roehampton for only one semester. This includes continuing UK students going abroad for a semester in their continuing years who will be offered Mount Clare.

Students with disabilities and long-term medical conditions

Across the campus are 30 rooms with adapted facilities for students with disabilities and long-term medical conditions. Wherever possible the University will adapt facilities to suit individual requirements including:

  • Installation of equipment for storage of medication
  • Flashing/vibrating fire alarms
  • Provision for carers
  • Provision for guide and registered assistance dogs

Details of any accommodation requirements relating to a disability or long-term medical condition must be included on your accommodation application. Please note that you MUST complete and return a self-assessment form, part of which is obtaining confirmation from a medical professional to confirm and explain why it is necessary to have a specific type of accommodation. The information you provide, when necessary will be shared with Disability Services, Student Experience, Security and Health and safety and in where adjustments are necessary, maintenance staff.

Disability Services will also advise you on non-accommodation matters.