Students in halls

Please make sure you have read the Student Resident Handbook. There is also a physical copy in your residence.

Reporting maintenance faults and issues

Use ServiceDesk to report:

  • something is broken or not working properly in your room in halls, in a kitchen, ​bathroom or communal area;
  • something is broken or not working properly somewhere else on campus such as an office, in a teaching room, or in the Library;
  • if you have a problem in Roehampton off-campus accommodation.

Make sure you report all issues as soon as they occur so they do not get worse and cause damage. If you report a fault inside your bedroom/ flat, you are giving consent for maintenance staff to enter, whether you are present or not. This is so issues can be resolved as quick as possible.

For out-of-hours emergencies (such as a flood) call Security on extension 3333 or 020 8392 3333 from a mobile phone.

Reporting internet problems

Please contact the ServiceDesk for all IT-related queries on campus, and to report problems with the data port in your room, internet etc:

You can also find more information here about other IT related issues such as password problems.

Lost keys

If you have lost your room key, you will need to order a new one on the Estore. Take your receipt to the Accommodation Office on Mount Clare for your new key between 9am – 5pm, Mon-Fri. If you lose the white access card (Southlands, Chadwick & Mount Clare in particular) email your student ID number and name requesting one. For a new ID card, order one via the Student Portal. If you are locked out, please go to Security gatehouse on Digby Stuart, or call 020 8392 3140.

Please note that for security reasons, staff may lock your room/shut flat door when they leave, even if it was initially unlocked. To avoid being locked out, please take your key with you whenever you leave your room.

Never lend your key, fobs or cards to anyone, not even your friends. Lending or copying keys, and giving out key codes, are breaches of your accommodation agreement. Access will only be given to the student(s) allocated to the room. Please do not ask staff to let someone else into your room as they are not permitted to do this.

For your own safety and wellbeing of others you are advised not to bring guests into residences unless they are known to you. Be aware of ‘tailgaters’ – unauthorised persons following you into your hall or flat.

CCTV is installed in some entrance areas of the residences for your security and safety.

Updating payment details

If your bank card details change since you accept your offer, or since an instalment is taken, then please let contact Accommodation Finance to let them know the details so the system can be updated.

Changing rooms

If you would like to move to a different room after you have moved in, please complete and return a room move form to or return it to us in person. We will only contact you if your preferred room becomes available. We can’t move anyone in the first two weeks of term. Submitting a room move form does not mean you are guaranteed a new room or be able to move to the type of room or residence you want as there may not be available rooms. Demand for some halls or room types are very high, which means the process may take longer for some depending on where they want to move. We will keep your form in case the room you want becomes available later throughout the academic year.

Please be advised that room moves are dealt according to date order, availability and in some cases, extenuating circumstances.

Students with any outstanding accommodation fees are not permitted to move to an alternative room until it is resolved. If there is a difference in price between your current and new room, the accommodation fees will be adjusted from the date you move. If you paid your accommodation fees for your first room and the new room is a higher cost, you will be required to pay the difference in fees. If the accommodation fees are less for the new room, then you will be entitled to a refund. There is a £30 administrative charge for moving rooms.

Transfers are limited to one move per student in any academic year.

Ending contract early

The licence agreement that you signed electronically via the online accommodation system is your contract to reside in halls between the specific dates on the offer letter. Please make sure you have read the full terms and conditions so you know what is required.

Withdrawing from university

If you are withdrawing from the University or interrupting your studies, it is your responsibility to inform us you are withdrawing. You will need to complete and return to us an accommodation leavers form as well as the official Withdrawal (SR8) or Interruption of Studies (SR5) form. The SR8/SR5 form must be confirmed by the signature of the appropriate Programme Conveners and returned to Registry. If you are withdrawing from the university or interrupting your studies, you are not required to find a replacement tenant to take over the contract. 

If the terms rent instalment has been paid, you will be refunded from once you have moved out and also once your withdrawal/interruption has been confirmed. If you plan to move out at the start of a term, you will still need to pay the whole instalment, and then be refunded from the date your contract ends. Deposit will then be refunded (minus £50 administrative fee) given there's no damage charges or rent arrears.

Moving out from accommodation only

If you choose to move out early but are remaining as a registered student, you are still liable for the rent until the University or yourself finds a suitable replacement tenant (a registered student of the University not currently living in halls and no rent arrears or history of misconduct in University managed accommodation) to move in. However, you need to be aware that ultimately it's your responsibility to find a replacement.

Once you have informed us you want to move out, and have completed and returned to us an accommodation leavers form, we will help you find a replacement tenant and reduce your liability, but this cannot be guaranteed.

If the terms rent instalment has been paid, you will be refunded from when the replacement student’s contract begins. If you plan to move out at the start of a term, you will still need to pay the whole instalment, and then be refunded from the date your contract ends. Deposit will then be refunded (minus £50 administrative fee) given there's no damage charges or rent arrears.

Please be aware of the following:

Void rooms may be let first (i.e. empty rooms for which no students have a contract)

After ‘void rooms’ are filled, we will re-let rooms in date order that accommodation leavers forms

If you are living in a room with particular criteria (i.e. it is in a single sex flat or an undergraduate or postgraduate designated building/flat), this may affect the time taken to find a replacement for your room, depending on the needs of those applying for rooms.

Students should vacate the accommodation within a reasonable time period, usually within two weeks of their official withdrawal/interruption or a replacement student having been found.

Television licence

If you watch television programs on any medium as they are broadcast you require an individual television licence for your room.

In private accommodation you can purchase a licence for the entire household.

TV licensing do run checks on student accommodation. For full details visit the TV Licensing website.

For residents of Chadwick – guidance on opening windows

Please view the following videos on how to operate the windows and doors in Chadwick Hall.