Perspectives for Post-COVID 19 Recovery & Sustainable Development: A Law & Development Discourse

University of Roehampton, On campus and online access

10:00 - 16:00

This upcoming workshop is a free event.

The periods of lockdowns and the challenges faced during the pandemic highlighted the need for the protection of specific people groups including LGBTI, the elderly, persons from minority communities and persons with disabilities.

COVID-19 has placed undue pressure on healthcare services around the world and in the United Kingdom. With less than eight years to the 2030 target for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, there is a need to play catch up given that the pandemic has set the entire globe backwards.

Aims of the workshop

- Consider the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic globally and the strategies for recovery. Furthermore, it aims to propose strategies for global recovery post-COVID-19 as the world works towards attaining Agenda 2030.

- Consider what role law and legal frameworks can play toward global recovery, especially in law and economic development, law and technology, law and the environment, intellectual property Law, and human rights law.

- Suggest proposals to policymakers on ways to approach the recovery process.

Workshop speakers

Speakers from different global contexts that have engaged in discussions in this area of law and practice will be sharing thoughts and ideas. Among other experts, the key speakers will be:

- Professor Oyeka Osuji, Head of School of Law, University of Essex (United Kingdom)

- Professor Jaap de Visser, Director of the Dullah Omar Institute (South Africa)

How to attend

You can register to attend this event via the eventbrite link.