New paper surveys effects of defence funding reductions

New research, ‘Defence Skills: A Shift in the Myth’, claims that a reduction in jobs in the defence industry could be limiting the country’s capacity to respond to changing threats and risks.

Posted: 20 June 2014

image for news story New paper surveys effects of defence funding reductions
The study was published by Professor John Louth, Roehampton Business School, and Professor Trevor Taylor and Doctor Henrik Heidenkam from the independent think tank RUSI.

More than 580 participants were sent questionnaires or were interviewed over the phone. Those interviewed were ex-employees who had left a major defence firm over a five-year period.

Results found that 45% of participants exiting were in critical roles essential to a healthy defence sector such as engineers, project managers, and information specialists.

The study also highlighted the economic impact on the economy as a whole. Of employees leaving the defence business, more than half took over six months to find a new job, which had implications for the Government’s benefits spend. When people found work, over half took jobs that were less well paid than what they had previously earned.

According to Professor John Louth: “For the first time, our research presents data on the effects of defence spending reductions on the skills and competencies necessary for national defence and security.”

Read the full report here.

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