Professor John Louth on 'Wars in Peace'

According to a new book just released, Wars in Peace (edited by Adrian Johnson) and published by The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were "strategic failures" that cost the British taxpayer more than £30billion. 

Posted: 4 June 2014

image for news story Professor John Louth on 'Wars in Peace'
With a foreword by Lord Richards, former Chief of the Defence Staff, and chapters written by leading British defence analysts, the book suggests that out of ten wars since 1991, six were relatively successful, operationally at least, whilst four failed to some degree.

Professor John Louth, of the University of Roehampton and Director of the Defence, Industries and Society programme at RUSI, contributes to, the findings with co-authors Professor Trevor Taylor and Dr Henrik Heidenkamp. In their chapter, they consider the rise of defence industries within the military component. In 1991 businesses played traditional supplier roles to the military and British servicemen dominated the frontline. Today, operations require contractors on the frontline and right through the defence operational chain. Britain is dependent on commercial businesses for the execution of its future wars.

Professor John Louth says, "This work shows that Britain's wars of choice are expensive and dependent upon private sector contractors. Indeed, many traditional defence skills and competency now reside in the commercial sector rather than the military. This has profound consequences for political oversight, governance and decision-making that government has yet to properly consider."

Professor Louth teaches Accountancy and supervises PhDs looking at defence and security issues at the University of Roehampton Business School and is the director of the Defence, Industries and Society Programme at RUSI.

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