Roehampton Business School students host leading entrepreneurs for inspirational talks

There is something quite exciting about the feeling you get after listening to two very inspirational and successful people speak to you about their experiences. They may leave you with one thing that will forever change the way you think, or drive you to achieve that goal you never thought possible.

Posted: 25 February 2016

image for news story Roehampton Business School students host leading entrepreneurs for inspirational talks
Julien Callede and Baiju Solanki with the University of Roehampton Business Society.

The University of Roehampton Business Society, run by students, hosted an evening with Julien Callede, COO and co-founder of Made.com and Baiju Solanki business speaker and founder of Be Entrepreneur Ltd.

Although very different in their backgrounds, both speakers identified key points that have led to success, and provided advice for students. Mr Baiju spoke about following your heart: he told the students if they believe in something, they should go for it. He said while some efforts do fail, that was okay, but people need to try it to find out. He also reiterated that if money was driving force, you will fail, a point that Mr Callede agreed with.

The most important point Mr Baiju made was to start chasing that dream job now, rather than waiting to graduate from University. He suggested:

  • Create a voice and start blogging, Tweeting, posting about something that you are interested in. 
  • Do it regularly and people will start to take notice. 
  • When it comes to that interview, for your dream position, it will be a point to talk about and will set you apart from other candidates if you have actively shown an interest in the subject matter. 

Having such well respected and experienced speakers is a real benefit to students as Maria Chiara Franco, Marketing Director of the society said: “The business society wants to bring in guest speakers to show that there is opportunity out there, if you are able to hear from someone who has followed a similar path as yourself, telling you this is what we’ve done, even if you fail that’s fine, go for it, is really inspiring.”

This was the first event organised by The University of Roehampton Business Society, and it has more planned for the future. To keep up to date on the schedule, visit their Facebook page.

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Julien Callede’s advice on networking and succeeding in business:
Q. How do you start a conversation with someone you have never met before?
A. Find an introduction. Quite often you are separated from someone by only a few degrees, or people, use them as a way to introduce yourself.

Q. What key skills does an entrepreneur need?

A. Courage, motivation, passion because it will be hard. Be detailed and focused as there are a lot of small details that can make a huge difference.

Q. What made your business Made.com such a success?
A. Having a point of difference, and having a great customer proposition. The customer offer that we have could not be found in the market anywhere. You also need a good execution and a focus on the details so that you can react quickly when you fail.

Q. What is the best way to manage a large team?

A. Having a great product is key, if your company has a purpose that is an amazing way of recruiting people because they love what we sell. Having a good brand is also important in keeping people engaged, as in offering them opportunities for personal development.

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