Professional Placements

Professional Placement Opportunities and Access to Local Graduate Talent

Roehampton Business School develops business ready graduates, equipped with the knowledge and critical insight to make informed decisions, solve business problems ethically and become the kind of graduates who can add value to your organisation and wider society.

At the heart of our business ready approach sits a range of extra-curricular activities which provide our students with practical business experience to complement their university studies. We are always looking to develop partnerships with SMEs and larger organisations within London and the south east who can offer professional placements to our students. These placements could fall into a wide range of roles including human resources, marketing, accounting or project management. 

Benefits to your organisation

Employing a Roehampton Business School student for their professional placement has numerous benefits for your business and can add real value, both in the short and long term:

  • Skilled and prepared students. They will have a sound knowledge of their field of study and will be trained in a number of key workplace skills before they start.
  • Fill a skills shortage on a project. If you have a particular project that you require additional resources for, a professional placement student can fill the role.
  • Employee development. Your current employees can benefit from having a student in the team: they can learn about current research/theories in their field, be inspired by their enthusiasm and develop their own skills by mentoring a new employee.   
  • Graduate recruitment. Often students on placement prove to be a great fit for the company they are placed within and are offered a full time position on completion of their degree; this can save costs and time in the future.
  • Access to our leading research staff. Working with our students means you will also engage with our team of global expert staff.
  • Enhance your brand. As an organisation seen to be employing professional placement students, you can increase your reputation as an employer of choice, and as a company that is willing to invest in future leaders.
  • Local talent. Our students are based locally, so they are settled and ready to work from day one. 

How do we support you during the course of the placement?

  • The student you employ will be assigned a Roehampton Business School academic sponsor, who will visit the student while they are on placement, and also meet with their line manager.
  • You will be able to liaise with a designated contact in the University’s Careers office.
  • All paperwork and administration will be managed by our Careers team, who will provide you with a day to day contact throughout the placement.

What about the student? Will they be prepared for a placement in a fast moving organisation?

Roehampton Business School students receive an education designed to support and stretch them to become business ready by the time they graduate. The BSc students will be half way through their second year when they join you for a professional placement, so they will have a sound knowledge of the field they are going into, as well as being trained in a number of key workplace skills before they start. This placement will give them the opportunity to apply their learning to date, as well as learn new skills and knowledge through practical experience. They will be well-briefed and supported by key members of the University.

A Roehampton business ready graduate is:

  • An independent thinker
  • Curious and resilient
  • Confident in their own potential and values
  • Able to express their views sensitively and effectively
  • Able to adapt and have a positive impact on a changing world
  • Able to apply knowledge and skills required by organisations
  • Inquisitive and values new learning

As a business, what do I need to do to facilitate a placement?

We really understand the potential time constraints involved in employing a professional placement student, so we want to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. Before you consider employing a student, here are some things you should be aware of:

  • The student needs to be employed for at least 15 weeks duration, this can be extended should all parties be happy for this to happen.
  • Your organisation will need to be able to provide sufficient developmental and proactive line management support to the student and ensure they receive regular feedback on their performance and are offered any mandatory training.
  • The work should be meaningful so that the student can engage with practice in the ‘real’ workplace.
  • The student becomes a member of your organisation for the duration of the placement and is treated as an employee.

If you are interested in working with us, please email


"The Roehampton Placement Scheme gave us the opportunity to access a pool of talented graduates, who were able to immediately contribute with new ideas and established learning. We were delighted with the quality and professionalism of our placement student and I would recommend this programme to any business looking to employ skilled graduates into their team for project or permanent work."

Roger Fairhead,
Group Compensation & Benefits Director,
SABMiller plc

"The Roehampton Placement Scheme gave me the opportunity to interview and access a pool of talented local graduates. We were delighted with the quality and professionalism of our placement student so much so that we have now employed our graduate in a permanent role. I would recommend this programme to any business looking to employ skilled graduates into their team for project or permanent work."

Chris Noon,
Smithers Information

"We see providing a Professional Placement experience to our HRM students as a key step in building and supporting the next generation of HRM talent. But we also see this as a mutual learning experience for participating organisations, students and colleagues in the Business School. We look forward to starting this journey with your organisation."

Dr Christina Evans,
Deputy Director, Roehampton Business School