Professional Placements and Consultancy Projects 

Professional Placement Opportunities and Access to Local Graduate Talent

Roehampton Business School develops business ready graduates, equipped with the knowledge, critical insight and behaviours to solve business problems and become the kind of graduates who can add value to your organisation.

At the heart of our business ready approach sits a range of work-focused learning activities which provide our students with practical business experience to complement their university studies.

We are keen to develop relationships with organisations within London and the south east who can offer professional placements or consultancy projects for our students. The placements and consultancy projects could fall into a wide range of roles and areas of expertise: human resources, marketing and communications, accounting and finance or project management. 

Benefits to your organisation engaging with our students

Providing a Roehampton Business School student with a professional placement, or offering a live consultancy project to a group of students, has numerous benefits for your business, both in the short and long term:

  • Skilled and prepared students. They will have a sound knowledge of their field of study and will be trained in a number of key workplace skills, knowledge and behaviours before they start.
  • Fill a skills gap on a project. If you have a particular project that you require additional resources, offering a professional placement student can fill the role.
  • Employee development. Your current employees can benefit from having a student in the team: they can learn about current research/theories in their field, be inspired by fresh ideas and enthusiasm and develop their own people management skills through mentoring.   
  • Graduate recruitment. Often students on placement, or who have engaged with employers on a consultancy project prove to be a great fit for the company. After graduation if considered for a full-time position, can save on recruitment costs.
  • Access to our leading research staff. Working with our students means you will also be able to benefit from engaging with our team of global expert staff.
  • Enhance your brand. As an organisation seen to be employing placement students, or offering consultancy projects, you can increase your reputation as an employer of choice, and as a company that is willing to invest in future leaders.

How do we support you during the course of the placements and consultancy projects?

  • All students, whether on a placement or a consultancy project, will be assigned a Roehampton Business School academic supervisor, who will guide them and also actas a key point of contact for the sponsoring manager in your organisation.
  • All the necessary paperwork and administration will be managed by our central Placements and Work Experience team, which is part of the University’s Alumni, Development and Careers Service.

Will the student be prepared for a placement and consultancy project?

Roehampton Business School students receive an education designed to support and stretch them to become business ready by the time they graduate. All students seeking placements will already have completed the first two years of their degree. Students working on consultancy projects will be in their final year, so will have broad-based business knowledge that they can bring to your organisation. The students will have been through a rigorous preparation and pre-selection process to ensure they are fully prepared for working with your organisation.

Students will have been fully prepared though a range of employability modules, that enable students to:

  • Develop their self-awareness, build their confidence and resilience
  • Work effectively in diverse teams
  • Be curious about the world they live in so they are better prepared for future change
  • Able to plan and evaluate tasks that deliver results to a high standard and in an ethical and sustainable way
  • Understand the activities that are key to job performance and how these fit into an organisation’s overall goals.

As a business, what do I need to do to facilitate a placement, or consultancy project?

We really understand the potential time constraints involved in employing a professional placement student, or supporting students working on a  consultancy project, so we will ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. Before you consider engaging with our students, here are some things you should be aware of:

For professional placements:

  • Professional Placements need to be for a minimum of 15 weeks and a maximum of 12 months.
  • Your organisation will need to provide sufficient line management support to ensure the students receive the necessary training and regular feedback on their performance.
  • The work should be meaningful so that the student can engage with practice in the ‘real’ workplace.
  • The student becomes a member of your organisation for the duration of the placement and is treated as an employee.

For consultancy projects: 

  • Consultancy Projects would run for approximately 12 weeks, between January and April.
  • Organisations would need to identify a project sponsor who can: provide the initial consultancy brief to the students; act as the main point of contact for the duration of the project and facilitate access to other people within the organisation to gather key information where required.

Some example projects that our students could deliver for you:

designing a recruitment and selection process;

revising a performance management and reward system;

developing an employee engagement and communications plan through change ;   

assessing the effects of lean management methods in retailing on customer satisfaction;

developing relationship marketing through online marketing communications;

developing a digital media campaign;

engaging different consumer groups with your brand;  

developing a plan for positioning/refreshing a product/service brand;

mapping the consumer journey;

producing a competitor analysis;

crowdsourcing for innovation;

If you are interested in engaging our students, please email


"The Roehampton Placement Scheme gave us the opportunity to access a pool of talented graduates, who were able to immediately contribute with new ideas and established learning. We were delighted with the quality and professionalism of our placement student and I would recommend this programme to any business looking to employ skilled graduates into their team for project or permanent work."

Roger Fairhead,
Group Compensation & Benefits Director,
SABMiller plc

"The Roehampton Placement Scheme gave me the opportunity to interview and access a pool of talented local graduates. We were delighted with the quality and professionalism of our placement student so much so that we have now employed our graduate in a permanent role. I would recommend this programme to any business looking to employ skilled graduates into their team for project or permanent work."

Chris Noon,
Smithers Information

"We see offering a Professional Placement, or Consultancy Project to our students as a key to helping them develop their business readiness thus building the next generation of talent. But we also see this as a mutual learning experience for organisations, students and colleagues in the Business School. We look forward to starting this journey with you."

Dr Christina Evans,
Deputy Director, Roehampton Business School