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Professor Elaine Harris edited the Routledge Companion to Performance Management and Control, which was comprised of research undertaken by over 50 experts, and was published in 2017.

The book, designed for scholars, students and researchers with an interest in business, management and accounting, addresses areas such as strategic management, human behaviour and performance management.

Professor Ellis L.C. Osabutey conducted a study to analyse the perceptions of Ghanaian fans of four English Premier League (EPL) teams.

The study found the strength of professional football brand equity is jointly determined by the level of brand awareness, brand loyalty, and perceived quality. However, increasing competition in international markets require professional football clubs to clearly define their marketing strategies in order to improve upon how fans perceive them. The findings suggested that global marketers have the opportunity to capitalise on market expansion opportunities in developing economies.

The Global Business of Coaching: A Meta-Analytical Perspective

Dr Christina Evans, co-authored with Dr David Lines

Unlike the many ‘How to …’ books on coaching our aim in writing this book was to produce something that resonates with critical scholars, coach educators, as well as coach practitioners who aspire to develop a more reflexive coaching practice. 

Organized into three sections, the first section is based on a historiographical approach to the history of coaching, as a way of drawing out and illustrating the often tenuous links made between different forms of developmental interventions and the emergence of coaching, by different protagonists. This approach enables us to emphasise how the social and political agendas in vogue at a particular time have informed how coaching is perceived, positioned and delivered. We also present several metaphors, drawn from interviews with professional coaches based in the Asia Pacific region, that provide insights into how they perceive the past and current status of the business of coaching.  

Section two starts with an equally critical perspective on coaching qualifications and credentialing, situated as part of a wider debate around the professionalization of coaching. In this section, drawing on social mobilization theory we trace how one coaching association has become powerful in the global business of coaching. This section covers some of the day-to-day tensions that coaches experience as they develop and practice their craft.

The final section explores some of the more recent developments that may change the business of coaching as we now know it e.g. the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and other technologies that could complement, or replace, current ways in which coaching is delivered. 

Further details can be found on the publisher’s website:  Routledge: The Global Business of Coaching

This research project, funded by the British Academy of Management, explores new forms of organising (and organisation-creation) in relation to entrepreneurship and social transformation. In particular, it studies the ways through which social transformation is or can be related to community action and public/social entrepreneurship. By focusing on contemporary socio-economic environments in flux, the research explores different alternative initiatives not as oppositional resistance forces, but new organising assemblages that co-constitute new socialities that urgently need to be actualised. We aim to propose a framework, which can pave the way towards embedded and socially transformative organising.  The project includes the following strands: a) Unemployment and identities; b) Unemployment and careers transformation; c) Public entrepreneurship and organisation-creation; d) Solidarity Spaces and Structures of Autonomy and e) Organizing, Values Practices and Solidarity Economy. The findings are published in various academic journals, such as Organization Studies and Human Relations, and presented also in a Vodcast for Human Relations.


Professor Molly Scott Cato is a Member of the European Parliament, responsible for developing economic policy for the Green Party. She has co-authored a ground-breaking textbook that challenges conventional approaches to the teaching of economics.

Introducing a New Economics provides a new, progressive approach to economics teaching that highlights sustainability and justice and covers issues such as work, employment, power, capital, markets, money, and debt. In 2018, it was published in the United States by University of Chicago Press.