Challenging Gendered Media Mis(s)representations of Women Professionals and Leaders

This seminar series is a collaborative project between Lancaster, Roehampton and Bradford universities, running from October 2014 to June 2017.

The research focus of the seminar series is to challenge gendered media misrepresentations of women professionals and leaders. The media is a powerful player in the promotion or otherwise of gender equality worldwide and media representations of women have great impact on how women are viewed and view themselves.

However, a continued media focus on women's gender, not competence, ignores women's achievements as leaders and professionals, misrepresenting their ability, contribution and advancement. This innovative seminar series explores, examines and challenges how media shapes and influences the way in which women are represented as professionals and leaders. Unique in bringing together leading international researchers, journalists, lobbyists and those committed to the progress of women professionals and leaders, this series aims to:

  • raise awareness and understanding of gendered stereotypes of women and their effects;
  • challenge the gendered construction of women leaders in the media;
  • identify future research agendas for academics and practitioners in management and business.

'Gender, Media and Organization' Book

Emerging from this ESRC Seminar Series, is the book 'Gender, Media and Organization. Challenging Mis(s)Representations of Women Leaders and Managers'. The book is an innovative and important contribution to the study of women's leadership, and addresses the lack of critical attention given within leadership research to how women leaders and professionals are represented in the media.

The book is edited by Professor Carole Elliott, and Professor Sharon Mavin from the University of Roehampton, as well as Dr Valerie Stead from Lancaster University and Dr Jannine Williams from the University of Bradford.

For more information, or to purchase the book please visit the IAP website.

Gender in Management: An International Journal - Special Edition

The July 2016 edition of 'Gender in Management: An International Journal' is focused on women in leadership. This special edition has emerged as a result of the ESRC Seminar Series. 
More information can be found on the journal's webpage.


Seminar Series Themes

The Seminar Series has 3 themes:

  1. 'Gendered Media Misrepresentations: Why do they matter and how do we know?'
  2. 'Developing Research Capacity for management and business studies: Multidisciplinary methodologies, theories and concepts/analysing media texts and visual methods. View selected presentations »
  3. 'Developing Priority Research Agendas and Maximising Impact'.

Each theme will be developed in three seminars over three years. The final Seminar, in June 2017, will be a 1-day conference to consolidate knowledge exchange and research priorities.

End of Seminar Series Conference

15 June 2017. Goodenough College, London WC1N 2AB

Following a successful three-year ESRC Seminar Series dedicated to the study, analysis and future research agendas we are delighted to announce this end of seminar series conference. The intention of the conference is to encourage debate, discussion and collaboration related to the study of this subject and the attendant implications for policy and practice.

Keynote Speakers:

Professor Karen Lee Ashcraft. University of Colorado, Boulder.
Professor Karen Lee Ashcraft's research examines organizational and occupational formations—such as identity, culture and mode of governance—and is guided by an interest in relations of power and difference, particularly gender, race, sexuality and class.

Julie Burton. President, Women's Media Center, Washington D.C.
Julie Burton leads the Women's Media Center in its efforts to create a level playing field for women and girls through media monitoring, training, advocacy, original content, and the promotion of women and girls as media experts. She is the Executive Producer of Women's Media Center Live with Robin Morgan on iTunes and the Editor in Chief of WMC Press.

For the full schedule please download the information sheet. To book your place, please visit the Eventbrite booking page.



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