Challenging Gendered Media Mis(s)representations of Women Professionals and Leaders

Seminar Two: Analysing Gendered Media Misrepresentations: Multi-disciplinary Methodological Approaches

The audio of selected presentations is available, along with Powerpoint slides:


Karen Ross (Northumbria University)

The Global Media Monitoring Project »


Elisabeth Kelan (Cranfield School of Management)

Exploring leadership, embodiment and gender through media images »


Seminar Three: Gendered Media Misrepresentations and Audience Dynamics


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Alison Shaw, Principal, Seaton Burn College

Meeting the skills gap halfway »


Fiona Hathorn, Managing Director, Women on Boards UK

Women in Power »


Also available: Report presented by Julie Burton, Women's Media Center, Washington DC: 'The Status of Women in the US Media' »

Seminar Four: Multi-disciplinary Approaches: Methodologies, Theories and Concepts

Videos of the presentations and of the speaker and research panel discussion are available.

Professor Carolyn Byerley, Howard University, USA

Integrating Gender Representations »


Sepi Roshan, Astute Radio

Astute Voices »


Sharon Mavin, Roehampton Business School and
Dr Janine Williams, Bradford University School of Management

Key Issues for Gender Research in HRD »


Speaker and research panel

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