Research: Potential Supervisors

Below is a list of potential supervisors across a range of subject areas


  • Aminah Abdullah
  • Christiano Busco
  • Moataz Elmassri 
  • Elaine Harris

Economics and Finance 

  • Stephen Drinkwater
  • Kun Jiang
  • Mamata Parhi
  • Molly Scott Cato

Marketing and supply chain management

  • Nasrin Asgari
  • Mohammed Rafiq
  • Haytham Siala
  • Lia Zarantonello

People and Organisations

  • Felix Arndt
  • Guy Bohane
  • Carole Elliot
  • Christina Evans
  • Steven Howlett
  • Alireza Nazarian
  • Wilson Ng
  • Fiona Robson

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