Research Students in the Business School

Gloria Appiah

Creative Deviance in Professional Service Firms: A Discursive Practice Approach

Managers appear to be in a dilema regarding the implications of organizational routines on employee creativity. They are advised to consider a trade-off of one or the other for effective performance outcomes. Yet organizational routines are ubiquitous in organizations and creativity is essential. To find out if this trade-off is necessary, Gloria asks "Are organizational routines really anthitetical to employee creativity?" This essential question forms the basis of her present research which employs a practice approach to illuminate the relationship between the two concepts.

Maria Ash

Gender Equality in Higher Education: Rhetoric and Reality

Maria is a senior lecturer in HRM at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Her doctoral research concerns gender constructions in UK higher education work environments. In particular, she addresses the curious gap between hope and happening – the manner in which, despite law, policies and best intentions, gender equality is still largely elusive in UK universities. Maria innovatively uses the theories of Bourdieu and Mouzelis to explicate these issues, especially around issues of position and disposition.

Sree Beg

A comparative multi-country, multi-sector study of online loyalty in internet retailing

Gao Bo

Exploring intra-gender ambition and competition for women elite leaders in China

Catherine Butcher

Heterodox forms of University Ownership/Control, Governance, Financing and Organisation Structure

Exploring alternative forms of university ownership that might mitigate or reverse the current social justice and democracy issues affecting global higher education.

Keith Anthony Elford

Organisation, Church, and Society: What may be learned from an organisational perspective on “Renewal and Reform” in the Church of England?

Mirjana Grkovska

Subjective well-being and unemployment in Macedonia

Ruth Hekman

Internal branding within the hotel industry

Thinh Hoang Gia

Integrated thinking and reporting: The changing role of accounting professionals

Simon Jewell

UK Defence Innovation: Barren or fallowed ground?

Simon's research examines the innovation relationship between large defence companies acting as Systems Integrators (SI) and Small to Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) as their partners and suppliers within the UK defence market. Established thinking and research focuses largely on innovation within traditional competitive markets that are oligopolistic in nature, where there are more buyers than sellers. The UK defence market however is a monopsony, dominated by a single buyer, the UK Ministry of Defence. The research explores the significance of the market type on innovation and specifically the influence of the buyer upon the SI and SME innovation relationship itself.

Katja Jonsas

Leading and Living. Women and Academic Leadership in Finland and the UK

Katja is currently working on a European Union MSCA funded research project Universities in the Knowledge Economy (UNIKE). In her work she explores the relationship between management and gender. Drawing on semi-structured interviews conducted with academic women working in business schools both in Finland and in the UK, this research explores how the careers of academic women have been shaped by academic, managerial and gender practices. Katja holds a BA in Social and Cultural Anthropology from University of Helsinki and a MSc in Social Research from VU University, Amsterdam. Her research interests are gender, higher education policy and exclusion from and inclusion to academia.

Girinandini Khittoo

Perceptions around Age Diversity: How are Charity organisations actively developing their HR practices to build an age diverse workforce?

Joanne Mackowski

Stirring the pot: Defence Change and the Monstrous Regimen of Women

Joanne's research focuses on the changing twenty-first century conception of British defence, in the context of the draw down to the 2014 end of British combat campaign in Afghanistan. She argues that the very notion of defence is a social construct, and explores alterations to gender roles, as expressions of wider and more fundamental changes to defence as a whole. In particular, she examines how and why women's defence roles have changed, what effects these changes have on the identity of individuals and organisations, and what implications there are for defence leadership.

Soulaima Mouawad

The Impact of Online Customer Experience on Online Loyalty: Strategies and Metrics in the Online Fashion Retailing Context

Kwok Tung George Ngan

The institutional portrait of corporate social responsibility and managerial interpretation

Paola Andrea Raffaelli

Social & Solidarity Economy in the Context of Global Economic Crisis: A comparison across the experiences of Argentina and the UK

Due to the lack of Government resources to sustain and enhance welfare, Social and Solidarity Economy organizations have gained importance in the last few decades across the world. Paola's research will explore diverse experiences in the Social and Solidarity Economy in Argentina and the UK, the impact on the welfare at the level of both the individual and socially and the relation they establish with the Governments and their public policies.

Christiaan Roell

Boosting SME competitiveness in the European Union. Inter-organisational relationships and SME performance: a cross-cultural study (The Netherlands and Portugal)

Christopher Russell

Resisting resistance: ICT adoption within a Monastery on Mount Athos

Chris is a Principal Lecturer at Cardiff Metropolitan University Management School and head of the accounting department there. Chris has a first degree in theology and is a specialist in ICT, which he explores from a social theory perspective. He is undertaking doctoral research on individuals' resistance to mobile communications technologies. His fieldwork site is Mount Athos in Greece – a peninsula which accommodates a number of monasteries of the Greek Orthodox Church. Primarily using Mouzelis, Chris' work innovatively explores the ways in which these organisations and the individual monks that are members of them engage with or resist mobile ICTs.

Khatereh Seyed

International Joint Ventures (IJVs) with Chinese companies

Gabriela Thompson

Assessing the Impact of the Managerial Narrative on British Defence

Recent completions

Catherine Kelly,  An Exploration of Epistemic Imbalances in Group Work Decision Making Processes

Claire Evans, How do the Big Four accounting firms construct and deploy notions of the 'ideal' worker as a result of their symbiotic relationship with capitalism and what effect does this have upon the gender of the senior levels of the organisation? 

Lauran Twort, Peace and Recovery: Witnessing Lived Experience in Sierra Leone

Viktroija Mano, The vulnerabilities of a small open economy: The economic transition of Macedonia

Rodrigo Souza, The Construction of Risk: How 'actors' construct the concept of 'risk' in practice in the Brazilian finance sector

Yalda Haji-Ghassemi, Flexpatriation and Internationalization: The influence of high mobility, communication technology, and networking on SME's

Malcolm James, The Authorisation and Glorification of Plunder – Tthe Role and Operation of Power in Tax Policy

Moataz Elmassri, Strategic Investment Decision–Making in The Uncertain Context of Post-Revolution Egypt

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