DLHE Survey

The survey we are asking you to take part in is a national survey of everyone who has recently graduated from any University or Higher Education College in the UK. It is called the DLHE Survey (Destination of Leavers from Higher Education).

The survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete. All responses will be held in strict confidence, and results will be reported in aggregate form only.

Take the DLHE Survey  

Who is involved?

The University of Roehampton and every Higher Education Institution in the UK, is required by the government to conduct the survey every year.

DLHE involves Graduates who:

  • Are from the UK, EU and International Graduates with some exceptions
  • Studied as undergraduate or postgraduate
  • Completed full-time and part-time studies

DLHE is governed by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), who stipulates an Institutions response rate to this survey as 80% of their UK full-time graduates each year.

Every year, Roehampton emails out a link to the on-line questionnaire in April or November (depending on when your programme of study is completed). Whilst we encourage graduates to use the on line link a postal questionnaire can be sent out. A call centre will follow up on all Graduates who have not responded to the survey.

What happens to the data?

Our collected data is sent to HESA who then publish a summary of national results each summer. Roehampton also uses the information to advise prospective, current students and recent graduates about the opportunities that might be available to them. Importantly, Academic Departments may use this data to make informed decisions. Please note that all data is strictly managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Any published data is anonymised.

It is very helpful data!

By completing the survey, the information you provide helps us advise current students about potential opportunities available to them.

HESA requires us to contact you just 6 months after you have graduate. We recognise that at this point you might just beginning to make some headway on your chosen career path or indeed working it out or taking some time to travel. Some Graduates may be feeling quite uncertain and facing some work changes. Please remember therefore that the DLHE Survey information is much like a ‘snapshot’ of where you are ‘now’ as part of your potential career pathway.

So, please don’t forget we are still here to support you in your career choices as one of our Graduates. Employability Advisors are here to help – we are located at The Hub in Elm Grove. Please pop in to use our services on week days between 12-2pm. Contact us on 0208 392 3040 or email employability@roehampton.ac.uk.

If you would like more details about DLHE at the University of Roehampton, please contact Kieran Furness at kieran.furness@roehampton.ac.uk