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Catherine of Siena College was established in 2007 by an international group of theologians with the aim of offering online courses to support those working for gender justice around the world. As the founders recognized, facilitating the full contribution and leadership of women is not only crucial for the wellbeing of women. It is also vital for the flourishing of men, children, societies, nations, and religious communities. In 2015, Catherine of Siena Centre became part of the portfolio of the University of Roehampton as an independent charitable trust which is managed by the University. 

Today, we aim to: 

  • Support those who seek to understand and analyze the ways in which gender impacts upon individuals and communities in the context of religious faith and practice, and who recognise the importance of education for tackling injustice and bringing about change in society.  
  • Offer courses informed by cutting edge academic research as well as pastoral experience and insight on topics relating to gender studies, religion, theology and integral human development. 
  • Provide educational opportunities with bursaries for women and men who would otherwise have no access to higher education, particularly those from the global South. 
  • Encourage dialogue and interaction among students from different cultural, ethnic and economic backgrounds, as part of the learning experience. 
  • Foster ecumenical and interfaith connections through partnerships with churches and religious communities for the purposes of education and awareness-raising on issues relating to gender and social justice.  

The centre takes its name from the fourteenth century Christian mystic, Catherine of Siena. Born in Italy in 1347, she defied the conventions of her day through her theological writing and political activism. She wrote letters to bishops and popes urging an end to ecclesial schism, and her "Dialogue" is considered one of the most impressive theological writings of her time. Read more about Catherine of Siena here.

To enquire about taking a course, becoming a tutor, or joining the mailing list of Catherine of Siena Centre, please email us at catherineofsiena@roehampton.ac.uk.  

Catherine of Siena Centre is a charity that depends on charitable grants and donations to support our work and to enable us to provide full or partial bursaries to those who would otherwise be unable to afford to take our courses. We do not believe that anybody should be excluded from educational opportunities solely because of economic hardship. If you wish to make a donation to support the work of Catherine of Siena Centre, you can do so through the university e-store here. We are very grateful for your support. 


Catherine of Siena Centre

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