College Events

Digby Stuart College holds a huge number of staff and student events throughout the year including student led parties in our social space (the Digby Den) and formal dinners, seasonal events, award ceremonies, photography exhibitions and much more.

This page contains information on some of our annual events that the College builds upon each year with the help of students and staff across the College. These include our Welcome Party, the Winter Balls, Frigby (the biggest student led sporting event at the University), College Cup events and we finish the year in style with our End of Year Celebration - The Big Summer Blowout!

The box to the right will hold information on the events which are to be happening next here at Digby Stuart and all across the University, so be sure to check back often to see what’s going on or find us on Facebook or Twitter for instant updates

Highlights of the Year

Freshers Welcome Party

Held in the first few weeks of term each year, this is Digby Stuart’s chance to show the rest of the University how Digby likes to play. Arranged by the College team and the elected officers this is the official welcome to the College event that is open to all Digby Stuart students and to our friends from other Colleges also.

Freshers Welcome 1

Freshers Welcome 2


Winter Ball

The biggest College at Roehampton would only be satisfied by holding the biggest winter event. Held over 2 nights in December we transform one of our lecture halls and throw a splash of seasonal magic over the campus with over 400 students attending.

The Winter Ball is our first formal event of the calendar year and is open to all Digby Stuart students whether they live on or off campus. It is a chance for our students to get dressed up, have a winter warming drink, take lots of photos and maybe even get a present or two! This is certainly an event that is not to be missed.

Winter Ball 1

Winter Ball 2



The annual football match that has been going on for over 20 years sees Digby take on their rivals Froebel for the title of Frigby Champions. Held at Sutton United FC the 2 Colleges spend all year holding fundraising events including player auctions, and games nights to ensure that everyone is kept in good spirits in the run up to the match in the summer term.

With an all-out water fight taking place before the game and almost everyone in sight painted in College colours this is truly one of the highlights of being at Roehampton and a member of Digby Stuart College.

Frigby takes place in May each year at Sutton United Football club.

Frigby 1