The 2013 National Student Survey for final-year undergraduates is underway. Prizes are up for grab for those completing the survey, including vouchers and iPads.

Madhvi Ramani, a 2006 graduate of Roehampton, recently released her first children's book ‘Nina and the Travelling Spice Shed’, which has just been published by Tamarind Books.

Will Self and the Art of the Contemporary is a conference being hosted by the university on March 23 that will present a unique opportunity to reflect on the significance of Self’s achievements, bringing together the foremost critics working on contemporary fiction.

Dinghy, bungalow and shampoo: The words India has gifted to the English. Dr Kate Teltscher of the University of Roehampton is to launch a new edition of the Hobson- Jobson for publication as part of the Oxford World Classics.

Using the latest in high-resolution graphics and iOS tablet technology, our new app essential Roehampton information in one easy-to-navigate package.

An interview with Melvin Burgess, known for his controversial teenage fiction, most notably the Carnegie Medal and Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize winner Junk.

University of Roehampton professors from the Department of English and Creative Writing will be taking part in a celebration of the legacy of Charles Dickens during a series of events this April in collaboration with the Wandsworth Council. 

The conference presented a unique opportunity to reflect on the significance of Kureishi's achievements, bringing together the foremost Kureishi scholars, critics working on modern and contemporary fiction and Hanif Kureishi himself.

Classical Civilisation student Tim Wisson and Psychology student Victoria Torren have been awarded iPads by the University for their participation in the National Student Survey.

The essays include new archival work on the religious, political and international contexts of the riots and new interpretations of contemporary literary and artistic sources.

Students were keen to hear from the Occupy representatives and got a chance to practice their interview technique as they shared about this global grassroots crusade and recent eviction. 

Run by independent research company Ipsos Mori, eligible students will be asked about their experience of teaching, assessment and feedback; academic support; organisation and management; learning resources and personal development.
Launched this autumn as part of the English Literature and Creative Writing programme, the Making of Modern Britain module introduces students to British culture and institutions, as represented in historical and contemporary literature, non-fictional narrative, film and music.

Her talk – ‘5 things that writing has taught me about life’ – draws on meaningful and impactful illustrations from her own literary journey as a writer.

An evening of fiction, memoir and poetry readings done by English and Creative Writing students to celebrate Creative Writing Day (Dec 13th). 

This Victorian London seems a city of darkness, oppression, of crime and squalor and reduced humanity - but was this truly the case?

Since the Arab Spring swept across the Middle East, growing numbers of people have been getting in touch to ask about the Arab-Israeli Book Review.

The importance of war comics in culture and bringing the experience of war and conflict to new readers in a way that text alone can’t fully realise. 

Writers and critics working in the arts and humanities are turning to new ways of thinking in science whilst scientists acknowledge the creative ideas offered by the arts and humanities.

‘Books are great for learning about life‘