The University of Roehampton, alongside the National Children's Bureau and Queen Mary, University of London are co-ordinating a new ‘Life Skills Programme’ supported by J.P. Morgan.

Green Impact teams and environmental heroes throughout the University of Roehampton were recognised at the Green Awards Ceremony held last week.

Business Management student Alexander Large and Drama, Theatre and Performance student Tiffany Birchard have been awarded iPads by the University for their participation in the National Student Survey.

In its latest assessment of the teacher training programmes offered by  the University, Ofsted has lavished praise on the School of Education.

The 2013 National Student Survey for final-year undergraduates is underway. Prizes are up for grab for those completing the survey, including vouchers and iPads.

The Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) celebrated its 20th anniversary with a lecture in the House of Commons attended by our Paul O'Prey (Vice-Chancellor) and Julie Hall (Director of Learning and Teaching Enhancement)

Dr Andrew Wilkins, a Research Fellow in the School  of Education, has been awarded a £165,000 grant by the Economic and Social Research Council.

Over 30 ladies from the 1962 – 65 year group recently attended an alumni reunion at Froebel to celebrate their 50th anniversary of starting college.

Student teachers studying at the University of Roehampton are some of the best trained in the country, according to feedback from recent graduates.

Honorary Awards Roehampton’s Graduation Ceremonies are a fitting conclusion to the hard work of our students over the course of their studies and they also provide the perfect opportunity for the University to recognise excellence in areas that reflect its mission through the conferment of honorary degrees.

Students had the opportunity to explore the historic and majestic country of Spain from a cross-cultural and cross-curricular perspective.

Michelle Potter, Executive Director for South African Youth Education for Sustainability (SA-YES) and 2007 graduate of University of Roehampton’s BA Education programme shares her story and some key approaches in sustaining a successful charitable organisation.

Using the latest in high-resolution graphics and iOS tablet technology, our new app essential Roehampton information in one easy-to-navigate package.

The study by Dr Jon Spence, Head of Physical Education at University of Roehampton, of more than 500 teachers across the country, has confirmed fears that the quality of PE training for primary school teachers is woefully inadequate.

Classical Civilisation student Tim Wisson and Psychology student Victoria Torren have been awarded iPads by the University for their participation in the National Student Survey.

Run by independent research company Ipsos Mori, eligible students will be asked about their experience of teaching, assessment and feedback; academic support; organisation and management; learning resources and personal development.

Writers and critics working in the arts and humanities are turning to new ways of thinking in science whilst scientists acknowledge the creative ideas offered by the arts and humanities.

Roehampton's  Marilyn Holness addressed the British Federation of Women Graduates Seminar at the House of Lords on the role of teacher training how students in Higher Education are being helped with managing their personal finance. 

Universities UK Report has published a new report on Patterns and Trends in UK Higher Education over the last decade. The report was produced by UUK's Longer Term Strategy Committee which is chaired by the University of Roehampton’s Vice-Chancellor Paul O'Prey.

Roehampton's Tessa Willy has been named a Green Champion at the Wandsworth's Green Heartbeat Awards, for her 'RU Outdoors' campaign.