As the Coldest Journey expedition sets off on its six month trek across the Antarctic Continent, research scientists from the University of Roehampton will be with them every step of the way. Drs Lewis Halsey and Chris Tyler are among the scientists closely monitoring the adventurers as they embark on their record-breaking ambitions. 

Fidgeting in interviews improves the performance of men, but hampers that of women

Deputy Provost, Claire Ozanne has been promoted to Professor of Ecology.

The 2013 National Student Survey for final-year undergraduates is underway. Prizes are up for grab for those completing the survey, including vouchers and iPads.

Research scientists at the University of Roehampton have found the answer to the dilemma – should I take the stairs one or two at a time?

Jamie will be a part of an eleven man team which contains four Olympic Silver medallists from London 2012 as well as other U23 and Senior level medallists competing for Olympic Selection.

The College alumni association made an award of £2500 to purchase textbooks for a new educational project in the community of Hundzukani.

A new study has found that responses to flood events are dependent on the organism's resistance, its ability to withstand a disturbance, and resilience, its ability to recover from disturbance..

A new study of rhesus monkeys suggests that emotion also affects what they look at, and in strikingly similar ways to humans.

Using the latest in high-resolution graphics and iOS tablet technology, our new app essential Roehampton information in one easy-to-navigate package.

Daniel made the most of his sporting ability to build some great relationships with the kids, fostering social skills among children and young people through activities such as tennis with the Regenerate Bus Project. 

Classical Civilisation student Tim Wisson and Psychology student Victoria Torren have been awarded iPads by the University for their participation in the National Student Survey.

Mark’s expertise on prosthetics and orthotics enhanced student learning by stressing the importance of exercise for people who have a range of disabilities.

Researchers at the University of Roehampton and the University of Birmingham claim that orangutans are actually the free-runners of the animal kingdom.

Sue currently cares for 140 monkeys from 17 different families and is responsible for all aspects of their wellbeing at Trentham Monkey Forest. 

“In children’s literature, it was depicted as the intruder from the wild that preys on the innocent. And in popular culture, the wolf became the animal that evil humans can transform into – the frightful werewolf.” - Professor Garry Marvin

Run by independent research company Ipsos Mori, eligible students will be asked about their experience of teaching, assessment and feedback; academic support; organisation and management; learning resources and personal development.
Jennifer Hardwick, a recent nutrition and health graduate has won Complete Nutrition magazine’s student of the year award.

“The help and support of Roehampton goes a long way to helping me achieve my aims and goals each year."

Universities UK Report has published a new report on Patterns and Trends in UK Higher Education over the last decade. The report was produced by UUK's Longer Term Strategy Committee which is chaired by the University of Roehampton’s Vice-Chancellor Paul O'Prey.