Dinghy, bungalow and shampoo: The words India has gifted to the English. Dr Kate Teltscher of the University of Roehampton is to launch a new edition of the Hobson- Jobson for publication as part of the Oxford World Classics.

blurred and the future of dance will mark the launch of the Roehampton Dance Network with a free evening of dance, film, food and chat Sunday 15th July 2012, 7.30pm. 

James Higham, 2006 PhD graduate, is currently serving as Assistant Professor of Biological Anthropology at New York University (NYU) and contributes to multiple publications surrounding primate research. 

Michelle Potter, Executive Director for South African Youth Education for Sustainability (SA-YES) and 2007 graduate of University of Roehampton’s BA Education programme shares her story and some key approaches in sustaining a successful charitable organisation.

The Media Across Borders Conference offered an intriguing array of perspectives on the localisation of film, television and video games, and the many complexities involved.
Home Sweet Home, the new documentary by Enrica Colusso, has premiered at the Open City Docs Fest in London.
Two Roehampton students are celebrating the success of Life Just Is, recently selected for the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012.

Using the latest in high-resolution graphics and iOS tablet technology, our new app essential Roehampton information in one easy-to-navigate package.

Students finishing the Erasmus Mundus Human Rights Practice programme presented on a diverse group of dissertation topics related to human rights from an international relations and globalisation, sociological and anthropological perspective.

An announcement is to be made this week by David Cameron on whether forcing someone to marry should be outlawed amid speculation that it is to become a criminal offence carrying a maximum five-year prison sentence

Green Impact is an environmental accreditation and awards scheme, bringing staff and students together with their wider communities to enable and showcase positive changes in environmental practice.

Choreographed by Katja Vaghi in collaboration with Roehampton Dance Students, the 30-minute performance highlights the University’s campus as a haven.

The study by Dr Jon Spence, Head of Physical Education at University of Roehampton, of more than 500 teachers across the country, has confirmed fears that the quality of PE training for primary school teachers is woefully inadequate.

Daniel made the most of his sporting ability to build some great relationships with the kids, fostering social skills among children and young people through activities such as tennis with the Regenerate Bus Project. 

The event aimed to give Social Science students the opportunity to share their experiences of research and learning and to showcase their work.

Over the summer Roehampton Dance students will also be working with h2dance and presenting their work at SifDans.

The advisory group of Chatham House members helps to deliver a stimulating and wide-ranging events programme geared to the interests of the Under 35s membership. 

Robyn Worley was the 131st May Monarch installed since the tradition began, and has pledged her support Cancer Research. As well as raising money for Robyn will be a student ambassador for the College and University.

“Catholics have a responsibility to make an informed contribution to the debate in a way which reflects the diversity of the Catholic tradition and the plurality of the Catholic community in this country, which includes many men and women living in committed, same-sex relationships.”

Roehampton lecturers will present at a symposium that will engage with the contemporary performance of Shakespeare in translation, Shakespearean adaptation and other Shakespeare influenced narratives and texts.