Rebecca Boden’s research is the first major study of these payment issues which involved talking to smaller firms and their larger suppliers.

Currently an Egyptian based correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, Roehampton Alumni Amro Hassan has  covered stories on everything from torture and corruption to revolution and triumph of change.

Matrix accreditation is a sought after seal of quality and is only given to advice and support services that show that their service and staff continue to develop and strive for improvement. Roehampton was the first University to be accredited to this latest Matrix standard.

Academics and expert practitioners from Roehampton and across the region debated EU approaches to police reform, the role of democratic policing, and tensions between local and international interventions in the region.

The panel was chaired by Clare Short, MP and Dr Bainbridge will join the playwright, April De Angelis (Jumpy - Royal Court), and The Faction's Executive Producer, Kate Sawyer following the performance of Friedrich Schiller's Mary Stuart. 

Sue currently cares for 140 monkeys from 17 different families and is responsible for all aspects of their wellbeing at Trentham Monkey Forest. 

Patricia has gained favourable ground at RedBee Media in Seville, Spain and is currently in in charge of the organisation’s Live Department.

His dramatisation of BS Johnson's experimental novel The Unfortunates was broadcast on Radio 3 last year and has now been recognized in the 'Innovation' category by BBC. 

“In children’s literature, it was depicted as the intruder from the wild that preys on the innocent. And in popular culture, the wolf became the animal that evil humans can transform into – the frightful werewolf.” - Professor Garry Marvin

Professor of Journalism Ros Coward has spent a week as 'guest editor' at the Centre de Formation des Journalistes in Paris. She was there to help students prepare for articles written on the forthcoming general election in France.
Run by independent research company Ipsos Mori, eligible students will be asked about their experience of teaching, assessment and feedback; academic support; organisation and management; learning resources and personal development.

Nikki Watson, a 2010 graduate, formed CODA Dance whilst studying at the University of Roehampton and has since gone onto produce works which have been displayed locally and nationally.

Members of Roehampton are working with the London Orchard Project, who are providing funding, and a local branch of the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers to complete this project; creating resource to be enjoyed by our staff, students and local community group for years to come.

The campaign strives to significantly reduce demand on natural resources, greenhouse gas emissions and prevalence of health problems linked to high meat consumption.

Launched this autumn as part of the English Literature and Creative Writing programme, the Making of Modern Britain module introduces students to British culture and institutions, as represented in historical and contemporary literature, non-fictional narrative, film and music.

RSU are holding their very own ‘Mini-Carolathon’ at University of Roehampton. 

Ruth has soared in her career since completing the MRes Primatology programme at the University of Roehampton. 

The University of Roehampton’s Dr Deborah Jermyn is participating in a major research symposium at the University of London exploring how stars including Keaton, Brigitte Bardot, Nicole Kidman and Elizabeth Taylor aged in the public eye.

Over six afternoons and evenings, free film screenings, workshops, student projects and exhibitions will be providing an incredibly thought provoking and entertaining atmosphere where visitors can engage with film makers, speakers, and students.

The focus of the research is a new dance ritual, created especially for the Dochula Festival.