Debate on the legacy of Pope Benedict XVI and hopes for the new head of the Catholic church.

The 2013 National Student Survey for final-year undergraduates is underway. Prizes are up for grab for those completing the survey, including vouchers and iPads.

The conference will promote academic research and establish a continuing forum for dialogue and collaboration between academics and religious communities on women’s religious authority and leadership.
Honorary Awards Roehampton’s Graduation Ceremonies are a fitting conclusion to the hard work of our students over the course of their studies and they also provide the perfect opportunity for the University to recognise excellence in areas that reflect its mission through the conferment of honorary degrees.

Using the latest in high-resolution graphics and iOS tablet technology, our new app essential Roehampton information in one easy-to-navigate package.

An announcement is to be made this week by David Cameron on whether forcing someone to marry should be outlawed amid speculation that it is to become a criminal offence carrying a maximum five-year prison sentence

The advisory group of Chatham House members helps to deliver a stimulating and wide-ranging events programme geared to the interests of the Under 35s membership. 

“Catholics have a responsibility to make an informed contribution to the debate in a way which reflects the diversity of the Catholic tradition and the plurality of the Catholic community in this country, which includes many men and women living in committed, same-sex relationships.”

Professor Peter Edwards, in association with English Heritage and Liverpool John Moores University, will be participating in staging the ‘The Duke of Newcastle Returns!’ weekend celebrations, with history, equestrian and literary scholars from a dozen American and British Universities speaking over the two days.

Classical Civilisation student Tim Wisson and Psychology student Victoria Torren have been awarded iPads by the University for their participation in the National Student Survey.

The essays include new archival work on the religious, political and international contexts of the riots and new interpretations of contemporary literary and artistic sources.

MA Historical Research students Lana Gosnell, Charles Hustings and Sam Williamson were awarded full bursaries by the Classical Association to attend the conference which is hosted annually at different UK universities.

Avraham’s research at Roehampton and the support of his professors really affirmed his career path. He is currently a host at the Museum of London and has started an MA in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester.

Run by independent research company Ipsos Mori, eligible students will be asked about their experience of teaching, assessment and feedback; academic support; organisation and management; learning resources and personal development.