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Covid 19 - Our measures for your safety


Will Roehampton still be open for September 2020?

In September, our spacious 54-acre parkland campus is open for students and staff to enjoy safely. This includes our teaching facilities, study areas, library, student accommodation, social spaces and other amenities, all with appropriate measures to ensure physical distancing. The measures we will have in place to ensure and protect the health and wellbeing of our community are being deployed and will be ready fully by September. They will be in line with government guidance.

This Autumn, we will provide smaller group teaching on-campus, with larger group teaching online. We intend to be as flexible to your needs as we can be to ensure you have the best possible experience. 

Additionally, you will have 24/7 access to our excellent online academic support, careers and wellbeing resources.

How are you making sure campus will be safe?

We have been putting in place many new measures to ensure we have an environment that puts student and staff wellbeing at its heart. Measures include:

  • all teaching and social spaces will be COVID-secure, in line with the latest government guidelines on social distancing
  • enhanced cleaning across campus, including teaching spaces, places of worship, social areas, the Library, diners and in student accommodation (such as kitchens and other communal areas)
  • reception desks and student-facing contact points, including counters in shops and catering facilities, will have screens and sanitation points installed, and there will be an enhanced provision of hand sanitisers across campus
  • social distancing measures in place in our Library and revised procedures, including returned books being quarantined for 72 hours before being shelved
  • new access and one-way pedestrian routes introduced around the University, designed to ensure safe passage around all buildings when the campus reopens
  • instructions for staff and students will be made available later in the summer, outlining the safe use of teaching spaces including entering, occupying and leaving classrooms.  
  • The University has developed a policy on face coverings. Face coverings are mandatory in all shared indoor spaces at the University, unless there are legitimate circumstances or age, health or disability related reasons not to wear a face covering, as stated on the government website here. Face coverings are not required when eating or drinking. The full guidance can be read on the student portal here
  • Thorough risk assessments have been completed on all buildings and learning facilities. This includes assessments to ensure ventilation is of a standard in line with government guidance. Rooms in Elm Grove and Library which have no windows have 100% fresh air supply through, with no recirculation, through ventilation systems.
  • Enhanced support for staff and student wellbeing, and promotion of it, including the Employee Assistance Programme and Mental Health First Aid training.
  • All students are required to sign up to the University's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Shared Statement of Responsibility prior to their arrival on campus. All students will also be shown a PowerPoint presentation about coronavirus and safety measures as part of induction.

What happens if I need to quarantine on arrival?

At the moment there are some international students who will be required to quarantine for 14 days on arrival in the UK.

This may not be the case by September, but in case this remains in place, our accommodation facilities will be open from 29 August for those who wish to arrive ahead of Welcome Week. The University will not charge any rent for the two weeks quarantine period to students staying in University-owned accommodation if they are required to quarantine and if they move in 2-weeks ahead of the stated date on their accommodation contract. We’ll be following government recommendations to ensure our students are safe and can begin their studies with us in a responsible way. You will still be able to socialise with your flatmates. 

For those who must quarantine on arrival and arrive ahead of those from non-quarantine areas, they will be moved straight to their permanent accommodation. 

If you are required to quarantine, but cannot arrive early, we will still aim to identify designated flats before relocating you after the required period to your permanent halls. These flats will have full services provided, including food delivery on demand. 

Will you have places in Clearing? 

There will be places available on some of our programmes in Clearing. We will be posting information online nearer the time along with a full list of programmes available. 

I might arrive late. When is the latest enrolment date for courses starting September 2020?

We fully intend to be able to welcome all students joining us on our campus at the start of term on Monday 21 September, or earlier during arrivals week. However, should students need to, we can allow enrolment on most of our courses as late as Monday 19 October 2020. We will put in place additional academic support for those enrolling late. We intend to be as flexible to your needs as we can be, including supporting visa applications until the latest viable date and allowing for late enrolments, whilst ensuring you are provided with additional support where required at the start of your studies if this is the case. We can also allow some students to arrive physically later than this date, as long as they have enrolled online and started their studies,

Induction week runs from 21 September – 2 October, and for the majority of activities will be possible to complete online. However, some aspects of induction, such as visa checks will need to be carried out face-to-face. These interactions will be safely conducted following recommended guidelines. First scheduled teaching for undergraduates and postgraduate taught will be on or around the 5 October.

This Autumn, we plan to provide smaller group teaching on-campus, with larger group teaching online. We intend to be as flexible to your needs as we can be and we will therefore also provide the option of studying entirely online for the first term if you would like to, where this is possible. This would continue if there is a second coronavirus situation after you arrive in the UK and the Government permits online study for international students.

The visa application centres in my country are closed and I haven't got my visa yet. How will this affect me being able to enrol on my Pre-Sessional English course or main programme in September

If you are unable to secure your visa to come to the UK in time to join your course we will be as flexible as possible. We have made arrangements to support students arriving late and will provide the option of studying online on most of our courses, should students experience delays in joining us.

If you cannot come to the UK before this date, you will have the option to study entirely online for the first term on most of our courses. We will then help you to make a visa application to start studying with us from the Spring Term. 

Please use the following links to find out if the visa application centres (VAC) in your country have reopened:

Europe, Africa and parts of the Middle East visit All other countries visit

We have moved all our Pre-Sessional English (PSE) courses online. Find out more about our online PSE course here.

Can I take an alternative English if my IELTS centre is closed?

We accept a range of English language qualifications equivalent to IELTS.

We can now offer an online English test should we require you to take one. This test will be available for Roehampton offer holders as a way to demonstrate that they meet the University’s English language requirements. Our online English Test can also be used for entry for online Pre-Sessional English courses.

Please visit our website to find out more about the different options you have to help you meet our English language requirements.

Find out more about our online PSE course here.

Will the University extend the deadline for meeting entry requirements to students who cannot get a visa or experience a delay in receiving their exam results?

We are committed to working with every student on the options to continue studying with us. We will be as flexible as possible, including supporting visa applications until the latest viable date whilst ensuring students are provided with additional support where required at the start of their studies. Enrolment on Autumn courses will need to have happened by 19 October.

Also if you cannot come to the UK before our start of term, you will have the option on most of our courses to study entirely online for the first term, wherever you are in the world.

When is the latest enrolment date for Pre-sessional English courses?

Please see our Pre-Sessional English Language website

I am required to make a tuition fee deposit payment. If I make a payment, will this be refunded if I am unable to travel due to restrictions in September?

We understand that these are unprecedented times and we will consider every case on an individual basis. If you cannot travel due to restrictions imposed by the authorities, you will have the option of a refund or you will be able to defer to the next available intake. You can find a link to our deposit policy here.

I am an international student – what happens if I need to quarantine on arrival?

During this period of time, you will have the ability to undertake your studies online, and have online student life activities available, until you are able to join activities physically.

If you plan to live on campus, we will be providing dedicated residences, with support services, on-campus for students required to quarantine, with facilities and support services in place to ensure you have the best possible experience.

If you are required to quarantine and are living in Roehampton students accommodation, you will be able to do so rent-free if you move in ahead of the stated date on their accommodation contract.

What is the alternative for international students to the usual September 2020 intake? Can I defer to January 2021?

As well as being able to enrol later than normal this autumn, we have also expanded the number of courses available in January. The list of courses available in January is available here.

If you accept an offer of a place on a programme starting in September 2020 and later wish to change to a January start, contact us to discuss this further.

Will the University open days and offer holder events be taking place as planned?

We are busy planning more digital open events for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, along with a number of webinars and web chats with the International Team, which all interested applicants are very welcome to attend. More details are available here.

I was scheduled to attend an admissions interview. What do I do?

All of those who were due to be interviewed are being contacted by the University, and we are seeking to undertake all interviews via online video calls. For further information please contact

I'm worried that the travel restrictions will stop me entering the country to begin my studies in September.

The University is closely and following UK Government guidance to monitor the impact of travel restrictions. At this moment in time, we anticipate that you will be able to enter the UK to begin your studies in September although current travellers are subject to quarantine. This may though change prior to this Autumn and we will update these FAQs. All offer holders will be kept updated regularly of our plans and the impact of any changes to UK Government advice.

How will a socially distanced airport pick up work?

We are currently planning how our pick-up service will operate and we are considering a range of options to ensure that students can be picked up safely. We will communicate more details on pick up arrangements shortly on this webpage here

How will international orientation work?

We will be offering a 'blended' orientation, which will be available to attend online, alongside some on-campus events.  

What if I need to return to my home country during the academic year due to coronavirus?

We have the capability to support you to study remotely, and also provide access to student support services online. This means that, if the situation requires it and Government guidance allows, then you will be able to continue to study from your home country until you are able to return to the UK

What are my options if I do not want to accept the changes to my course for 2020-21?

You will be aware that the University has had to make a number of changes to the way that it operates as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This includes moving to a blended model where some teaching is delivered on campus and some is delivered online, providing alternative assessments and changes to other aspects of the student experience such as the social spaces that the University can open. The University is aiming to offer a learning experience that is equivalent to the experience we offered before the pandemic.

When you come to enrol/re-enrol for the 2020/21 academic year, we will ask you to confirm that you understand the changes that have been communicated to you in this and other emails sent by the University over the summer. We will also ask you to accept the changes as changes to your contract with the University. If you are not happy to accept the changes in this way, you have the option of cancelling or withdrawing from the University, of transferring to another institution, or of deferring your studies to the 2021-22 academic year. If you would like to discuss any of these options in more detail, please contact:
Prospective students:
Current students: your programme convener