Coronavirus: Assessments and Term Dates

How will assessments be affected? (Changes to the University's academic regulations)

No student will be disadvantaged by the ongoing situation with coronavirus (Covid-19)

The following changes apply to both undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes. However, they may not apply to programmes accredited by professional bodies. Students on these professionally-accredited programmes will receive further information from their programme convenors as soon as the details are confirmed.

The changes are as follows:

Undergraduate students graduating this year
We will calculate your degree in two ways and take the higher result. We will calculate your degree using our standard method based on 200 level 5 and 6 credits, and then based on your best 160 credits at level 5 and 6. The results of your semester 2 assessments will only be counted if they improve your overall mark.

Second-year students due to graduate in 2021
We will use this same method to calculate your degrees next year, in recognition of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Postgraduate students graduating this year
We will take a similar approach, meaning we will calculate degree results using our standard method based on 180 credits and then on 100 credits, and take the higher result. For students on programmes with 240 credits, including professionally-accredited programmes in psychology, programme convenors will advise on any changes that can be made.

Continuing students moving to the next year of study
We are changing our progression rules. This year, you will be able to progress to your next year of study with 40 rather than 100 credits. We are also changing what we call our condonement rule. If your mark on a module is between 30 and 39, we can treat this mark as a pass (this is called condoning). We usually limit this to one module per academic year, but this is being extended this year to more than one module. This is to help you with your academic workload next year.

Frequently Asked Questions about the details of these regulations can be found here. If you have any other questions or concerns about these changes to academic regulations, please contact your academic guidance tutor through Moodle.

Deadlines and extensions

In response to the latest government restrictions, and to help you to complete your work, we are announcing a three-week extension to all coursework deadlines with effect from 27 March. The new dates has been applied to all submission boxes on Moodle. 

Will exams take place on campus?

We have also agreed alternative assessments to campus-based exams, practicals and performances, taking into account the challenging circumstances you face.

Alternative assessments to campus-based exams begin on 26 May.

What happens if I am sick? Will I graduate?

The University is doing everything it can to ensure that students' academic studies are not affected and will endeavour to support them academically through online learning and teaching. We have a well-developed Mitigating Circumstances Policy that would be used if you cannot complete your assessments. Further information on mitigating circumstances can be found here.

Can I apply for mitigation without any medical evidence?

If you are requesting mitigation for any reason for the remainder of the 2019-20 academic year, you will not need to provide any supporting evidence.  You will only need to complete your request via the mitigating circumstances portal and will not be required to send through your form to the departmental mit circs inbox.

Full guidance on how to complete your mitigating circumstances request online can be found on the student portal here.  

How will you replace my practical assessments?

Students whose assessments would involve a performance or the use of specialist equipment or spaces on-campus have been sent details of alternative assessments.

Are module evaluations happening this term?

We have taken the decision to not run module evaluation surveys this term. This is because the surveys are undertaken physically in class. We will work with RSU and academic staff to ensure that student feedback on learning, teaching and assessment is acted upon effectively thoughout this time.

Will term dates be affected?

The University is working with the UK Government to map out all scenarios for the future. Any changes would be communicated to students by email.