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Covid 19 - Our measures for your safety

How will you make sure campus is safe and COVID-secure?

We have put in place many new measures to ensure we have an environment that puts student and staff wellbeing at its heart. Measures include:

  • all teaching and social spaces are COVID-secure, in line with the latest government guidelines on social distancing
  • enhanced cleaning across campus, including teaching spaces, places of worship, social areas, the Library, diners and in student accommodation (such as kitchens and other communal areas)
  • reception desks and student-facing contact points, including counters in shops and catering facilities, have screens and sanitation points installed, and there ia an enhanced provision of hand sanitisers across campus
  • social distancing measures in place in our Library and revised procedures, including returned books being quarantined for 72 hours before being shelved
  • new access and one-way pedestrian routes introduced around the University, designed to ensure safe passage around all buildings when the campus reopens
  • instructions for staff and students outlining the safe use of teaching spaces including entering, occupying and leaving classrooms. 
  • The University has developed a policy on face coverings. Face coverings are mandatory in all shared indoor spaces at the University, unless there are legitimate circumstances or age, health or disability related reasons not to wear a face covering, as stated on the government website here. Face coverings are not required when eating or drinking. The full guidance can be read on the student portal here
  • Thorough risk assessments have been completed on all buildings and learning facilities. This includes assessments to ensure ventilation is of a standard in line with government guidance. Rooms in Elm Grove and Library which have no windows have 100% fresh air supply through, with no recirculation, through ventilation systems.
  • Enhanced support for staff and student wellbeing, and promotion of it, including the Employee Assistance Programme and Mental Health First Aid training.
  • All students are required to sign up to the University's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Shared Statement of Responsibility prior to their arrival on campus. All students will also be shown a PowerPoint presentation about coronavirus and safety measures as part of induction.

Do you have facilities for students who need to self-isolate?

The University has in place isolation procedures and quarantine facilities for any students who need to self-isolate, including dedicated flats which will have food supplies delivered. The University's on-campus Student Medical Centre will remain open and work in partnership with the University to ensure the wellbeing of all students. This includes setting up a testing process for students.

Is your campus open?

Our spacious 54-acre parkland campus is open for students and staff to enjoy safely. This includes our teaching facilities, study areas, social spaces and other amenities, all with appropriate measures to ensure physical distancing.

We provide smaller group teaching on-campus, with larger group teaching online. We will be as accommodating to your needs as we can be and we will therefore also provide the option of studying entirely online for the first term if you would like to, where this is possible.

You can also offer a wide range of on-campus accommodation. You can find out more on our website here.  

How will teaching happen at Roehampton? 

We will take a ‘blended’ approach to our courses. This is a mixture of in-class, on-campus sessions with online learning and teaching. We will ensure that classes are run in a way that respects physical distancing, in line with Government guidance.

Where we can, we will schedule teaching on-campus, so that you can meet each other in person and take full advantage of our wonderful facilities and spaces. This will particularly be the case for smaller classes which will be organised in such a way that ensures that guidelines can be observed. This includes study in specialist facilities such as labs, studios, and design spaces.

For online teaching, we will use a mix of live and recorded sessions. The live elements are important to allow you to exchange views, ideas and to ask for clarification and more detail in ‘real-time’. Other elements, such as big lectures will run online, giving you the chance to catch up on teaching material at a time and place that works for you.


Do you provide cycling and parking facilities on campus?

We provide excellent cycling facilities across our campus, on the Roehampton Lane site, at Whitelands and at Mount Clare. This includes bike storage, showers and lockers. 

We also have expanded our student parking available on and around campus and are now one of the only London universities to offer this. Contact us to find out more.

Finally, we have a free university double-decker bus service, which complements our already excellent transport links. This additional service will implement all the measures that TfL have introduced across their services.

Find out more here:

Do you have financial support available for students?

Yes, at Roehampton we have a wider range of scholarships and financial support options available. For undergraduate students, you can find out more here. For postgraduate taught students, you can find out more here.

We also have plenty of support for commuting students, including a free bus service. You can find out more here.

What happens if there is another lockdown?

Our ‘blended’ approach to teaching (a mixture of in-class, on-campus sessions with online learning and teaching) means we are well prepared if there are any further lockdowns in the future. We will still be able to run classes – and you will still be able to study remotely.

Are admissions interviews still taking place?

The University is conducting online interviews. For further information, please contact

When can I apply for Student Finance?

Student Finance for September 2021 applicants will open in early 2021. We have lots of resources to help you and UCAS has tips to get you started. If you've got any questions about your student finance application you should check these FAQs here.

How will the University make sure that my accommodation is safe?

The University has put in place a number of measures, to ensure our accommodation is safe for you to live in and enjoy. These include enhanced cleaning, the following of government guidance and isolation plans for students who show symptoms.