Coronavirus: Accommodation

In September, our aim is that our parkland campus will be open for students to enjoy. This means our university accommodation, which includes a wide range of rooms and some of the most affordable options in London, is available to apply to and live in from September. You can find out more about our accommodation, including how to apply here.

How will the University make sure that my accommodation is as safe as possible?

The University has been putting in place a wide range of new measures, to ensure our accommodation is safe for you to live in and enjoy from September. These will include enhanced cleaning, isolation plans for students who show symptoms, and will be complemented by our extensive measures around campus. These include:

  • all teaching and social spaces will be COVID-secure, in line with the latest government guidelines on social distancing
  • enhanced cleaning across campus, including teaching spaces, places of worship, social areas, the Library, diners and in student accommodation (such as kitchens and other communal areas)
  • reception desks and student-facing contact points, including counters in shops and catering facilities, will have screens and sanitation points installed
  • enhanced provision of hand sanitisers across campus
  • social distancing measures in place in our Library and revised procedures, including returned books being quarantined for 72 hours before being shelved
  • new access and one-way pedestrian routes introduced around the University, designed to ensure safe passage around all buildings when the campus reopens
  • instructions for staff and students will be made available later in the summer, outlining the safe use of teaching spaces including entering, occupying and leaving classrooms.
  • Face coverings are mandatory in all shared indoor spaces at the University, unless there are legitimate circumstances or age, health or disability related reasons not to wear a face covering, as stated on the government website here. Face coverings are not required when eating, drinking or using the gym. In University accommodation, please follow the same practices as you would at home. Face coverings are not required within a single flat as each flat is treated as an individual household.

What happens on moving in day?

We have put in additional measures to ensure your moving into accommodation is as easy as possible. We will also manage move-in day to ensure physical distancing measures are in place. Students moving into accommodation will be asked to reserve a slot in advance and will be contacted with details about this from the accommodation office. There will be many slots provided so that all students moving into halls can arrive ahead of the beginning of orientation, and ensure their wellbeing.

Please note, all students must sign their accommodation contract before moving into halls.

I am an international student – what happens if I need to quarantine on arrival?

At the moment there are some international students who will be required to quarantine for 14 days on arrival in the UK.

If you are required to quarantine we will house you in separate ensuite accommodation on the campus before relocating you after the required period to your permanent halls. These flats will have full services provided, including food, for the two weeks.

What happens if I, or someone live with, becomes ill?

If you get ill, the university will implement its emergency response plan to support all those who become ill or who are in contact with someone with suspected coronavirus.

Will I be able to use the kitchen facilities in my accommodation? 

Students will be able to use their kitchens. Students will be guided to information and training on coronavirus.

If I book my accommodation but if I change my mind at a later date, can I cancel?  

The University’s revised accommodation contract allows for flexibility with the start and end dates if you are unable to travel to the University to occupy the accommodation due to COVID-19.   

If you are looking to start in January instead of September, you will be able to this, but you will need to reapply for the room nearer the time.   

Can I use the lift in my accommodation?   

Yes- lifts can be used, provided the displayed instructions are followed. 

Will the social spaces in accommodation be open?  

Yes, social spaces will be open. The number of people using the space will be limited, however, depending on the size of the space.   

There will be sanitation points available in these spaces.   

Will I have to adhere to social distancing guidelines when in University-managed accommodation?  

You and your flatmates will be considered a household, and therefore they will not have to socially distance within your flat (unless you choose to).  

Please do follow social distancing rules when you are out and about, however. 

Find out about our accommodation options.